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Lilac Whisper Terhi Koskinen

‘Beautiful’ scrapbook layout by Terhi Koskinen

July 12, 2017

Hello Kaisercrafters!

It’s Terhi Koskinen here, happily sharing my long planned scrapbook layout with a massive stitched heart.

The idea came from my social media feeds, as so many talented scrapbookers have found hand stitching really trendy lately. And of course I wanted to try it out! I’m not that clever with needles and if you take a really close look you might find a drop of domething red there too. Tried to cover it with pearls, but things happen when excited and learning new skills.

For this layout I used the beautiful ‘Lilac Whisper’ collection, and as the collection is filled with tender and soft colors and floral patterns, I chose to use this pretty photograph of my two sweethearts posing to me. Beautiful black&white photo goes perfectly with beautiful papers.

Only contrasting part of the layout is the black lines drawn with black marker. Thought it needed something small to give contrast but not much, and this hand drawing made it good.

Now please let me say a huge thank you for Kaisercraft for this amazing and creative year. My crafty life will continue a bit slower for the upcoming fall, but I’m absolutely sure Kaisercraft will be part of it in a way or another in the future too. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I have had with Kaisercraft, it’s been a huge privilege to work for the kind of supporting company. Thank you Melissa, Kylie and all my team collagues for DT term 2016-2017 <3

Terhi xx

Kaisercraft materials: Lilac Whisper P2343 Hudrangea | P2344 Mauve | P2349 Jade | SS342 Sticker Sheet | CT885 Collectables | KM117 Kaiser Mist Apple | KM112 Kaiser Mist Grey

Other: Thread

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In stitches!

November 17, 2010

Hi there!  Today Kerryn, Leanne & Camilla are going to explore using the After Five collection and sewing stitches on layouts.  They can be created by hand or more easily with the aid of a sewing machine!

With Kerryn’s layout “Adore”, each layer on her page has been defined by a border of neat and tidy machine stitching.

“Adore” by Kerryn Lawson: After Five patterned paper – Curtsy (P584), Waltz (P586) and Tuxedo (P581), After Five 6″ Paper Pad (PP833), After Five Flocked paper – Debutante (PS126), After Five Diecut elements (DC329), Lush 6″ paper pad (PP825), Rhinestones – Aqua (SB703), Grosgrain Ribbon – Ocean (RI609), Crochet Doilie – Scallop White (EM945), Lace Pack – White (EM926), Rhinestone Strip – Black (RS452), Wood Flourishes – Adore & Forever (FL320), After Five Rubons (RB883).

Other products used : Flowers, leaves, punch

 This method of simple, clean and straight line stitching helps to balance and contain the elements on her page.  But don’t worry if you think you can’t achieve this look, “messy” stitching can be just as effective!

Leanne’s layout “Cherish” involves less precision and more mess! LOL!  But the stitching on the page, due to the contrasting colour of the thread, still directs the eye towards certain elements on the page.

“Cherish” by Leanne Allinson: After Five collection – top hat (p587), waltz (p586); 6″ paper pad papers and die cuts (pp833); transparency – champagne (ps125); ink – black (ip707); foam tape (t303).  Other – staples; black alphas; machine stitching; circle punch; black pen.

The stitching here, apart from adding an embellished detail, has also helped adhere the transparency “window” to her page.  By creating the window this way, the stitching becomes vital to the structural element and design to her page.

“Because the layout is about my children learning to appreciate the world around them, I wanted to create a visual element, such as a window, on my page, to represent them looking out into the world.  The stitching around the edge of this window, not only draws the eye to my subliminal message but actually helps keep my page together!”

Camilla doesn’t own a sewing machine so she chose to stitch by hand. To make a beautiful pattern, just paper pierce the holes first and then sew. The added detailed swirls on her card creates a great textured feature.

Card “Till dig” – Camilla Ekman: 6” Paper Pad – After Five Collection (PP833); Mini Alpha Stickers – White & Black (MA502)

Other: flowers, leaves, stitching, butterfly punch

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Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tip – Distressing and sewing on layouts.

September 14, 2010

Stitching on layouts is an easy way to give your pages texture and interest…as long as you are brave enough to give it a go!!

I understand the fear of approaching this technique, after all, there’s no going back once you stitch thread onto those gorgeous papers!

The simplest (and safest) way to start is to stitch around the individual pieces of patterned paper. This gives you the flexibility to still rearrange the papers on your page. But if you are happy with its placement, go ahead and stitch it directly to your base cardstock/layout. Just be aware of the tension on your machine, otherwise it can cause your layout to buckle. When I stitch patterned papers directly to my layouts, I will add further distressing to the edges of the sewn paper, by simply using my fingers to fold or roll it. Lifting this piece of paper away from the layer below it creates definition and depth.

Another method to create this look is to distress the edges of your paper first by scrunching it up. Tear the paper slightly in some places and then add ink generously to the edges. Now you can stitch around the edge, sewing directly over the tears and ink.

Stitching, whether in a continuous line or not, helps to define the edge of the paper. Also, don’t worry if you don’t (or can’t!) sew a straight line. LOL!! I think that a “wobbly” line of stitching creates movement on the page.

There is just one last thing to think about when sewing. Work out whether a contrasting thread to the paper you are using, will look better than a matching one. It’s the little details that can help make a layout stand out.

Materials Used: “A Gentle Bond” by Leanne Allinson: “Lush” patterned paper collection – maple (p537), lotus (p533), bamboo (p536), bonzai (rev, p535), ginko (ps106); 6” paper pad (pp825); rub ons – colour (rb868); printed chipboard (cb110); paper tags and shapes – raw (em925); tiny alphas – chocolate (ma512); alpha stickers – brown (as 225); ink – sandstone (ip710), forest (ip718), black (ip707), lipstick (ip714); clear stamp – tags (cs760). Other – machine stitching; embroidery thread; colorbox ink.

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Q3 Blog party – Interview with the designer of Made with Love

January 12, 2010

This is the face behind the new January collection Made With Love…

We decided to ask Jess a few questions about the first collection she’s ever designed!!

1) Where did you get your inspiration from?
All sorts of things… Heart candy, deilicate fabrics, sugary sweets, the feeling of love, holding hands, handmade treats, first crush, playful pop colours, friendship, childhood sweethearts, embroidery, hugs and kisses, delicate stitching, desire, vintage doilies, feeling tingles, first kiss…

2. What was it like designing your first collection?
I found it difficult to begin with because my designs were looking really good but we didn’t have the right equipment to produce some of the shapes I had included in them. Mel K (our Creative Director) helped me through the process of designing, colour selection, and ‘scrap-a-bility’ – and we worked with my design to make it the best it can possibly be.

3. What made you choose the colours and patterns used in this collection?
I wanted to avoid traditional colours and go for something more crafty and cute. I chose these colours because they were funky and playful and really added to the girly look I was aiming for.

4.What made you choose the quotes illustrated on the rub ons and clear stamps in the collection?
I wanted sweet and mushy quotes and thought these were perfect, really lovey dovey.

5. What kind of creations can come out of the Made With Love collection?
Anything pretty and girly really! Mums can scrapbook their little girls and it’s perfect for Valentines Day! There’s also so many new and different creations I’ve seen using this collection that I didn’t even think could be made. For example..I really like how crafty and antique this album looks.

Beyond the page made by Renee Ludlow.

6. What beyond-the-page products do you think would work best with the Made with Love collection?
There’s so many beyond the page products that this collection would work really well with, like the albums and the Love Monologue.

Love Monologue SB127

7. Do you have any tips for scrapbookers working with this collection?
I like antique-looking stuff and things like hand stitching. I find adding other fabrics inspiring and I think it looks really cool. It’s a great way of adding a little bit extra to your projects.

Layout by Danielle Krivan.

8. What other Kaisercraft products would work well with this collection?
All rhinestones, pearls, rhinestone words, ribbon, and flowers for little girls. Anything love-themed would work really well!

Hot Pink Pearls  SB787

Rhinestone Word ‘Cute’ SB231

Lilac Paper Flowers F612]

Thanks Jess!!

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Tuesday Tips

Tuesday’s Tips – stitching on your layouts

September 1, 2009

Tuesdays Tips 14

This week Elizna shares her love of stitching in projects, and her tips!

1. Machine stitching – tooooo time consuming…{for me}!

I do not want to get up, get out the sewing machine, get the right colour thread, etc, etc, etc……

But with sewing machines you have a lot of options for different kinds of stitches…off course, if your machine can do the more intricate designs….?

2. Hand stitching – BEAUTIFUL, but also tooooooooo time consuming!

3. Rub-on stitches – I just love them….and Kaisercraft has some beautiful ones! You just decide where you want them, cut out the length you need and rub them onto         your page…soooooo easy, fast and beautiful!

4. My absolute favorite way of stitching – and you will see this very often on my layouts…..

All you need is a pounce wheel:

Stitching Pounce Wheel

Stitching Pounce Wheel

How to use this tool:

1. Decide where you want your stitching

2. Position your paper on a craft cutting mat

3. Position the wheel at the starting point and run it along the line where you want your stitching – make sure to put even and hard pressure on the tool. You want those         little holes to show up nicely.

4. Use a gel pen and draw a line from hole to hole

5. You can also use this tool to perforate paper or to make a series of lines as a journaling guide

Now sit back and look at your beautiful stitching …………. and it didn’t even take a minute to get that gorgeous look!

Stitching pic1 copy

There have been several comments about why to buy a pounce wheel…

They are predominantly a quilting tool, Kaisercraft don’t sell them. You could try a craft department store such as Spotlight, Lincraft, Joanns or Michaels and the like. Or try sewing and quilting stores? You can try a google search and see if there are online crafting/quilting stores that sell them.

Sorry we can’t help further!

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