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Card Making P.S I Love You Tutorials Videos

‘Pop Up Box’ Card Video Tutorial with Collette

December 14, 2016

Hi Papercrafters!

I have a new video that shows you how easy it is to make this beautiful ‘Pop Up Box Card’.


It folds flat for postage and looks stunning in the latest ‘P.S I Love You Collection’.






In the video I have really easy instructions for making this box card and some great card making tips that I am sure you will love.

You will be surprised how easy it is to create!

Time to grab a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy!

Kaisercraft Products Used: ‘P.S I Love You Collection’: P2207 Romantic | P2206 Courtship | CT870 Collectables| SS327 Sticker Sheet | Cd602 Premium Cardstock Ivory | F657 Mini Paper Blooms Fairy Floss | PL501 Pearl Strips White | T314 Double Sided Tape | T303 Foam Tape | T317 Craft Scissors | T328 Paper Creaser | T327 Embossing Tool.

Other Products Used: Cheesecloth | White Leaves | Accetate.

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting



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Alicia McNamara Beyond the Page Layouts NEW Product Tatiana Yemelyaneko

Group Post Featuring Fan Pattern Gold Foil from Hanami Garden Collection

February 16, 2017

Hello Kaiser Fans,

Are you absolutely adoring the beautiful collection, Hanami Garden?

Today the Design Team are going to inspire you with some amazing projects featuring PS481 Fan Pattern Gold Foil.

“Makeup Brush Box” BTP By Anita Bownds

Kaisercraft products:PS481 fan pattern gold foil |FL595 ORIENTAL flourish pack |CT875 collectibles

Golden Tags by Kylie Kingham.

Kaisercraft Products: PS481 Gold Fan pattern | P2252 Kasa | P2255 Kireina | P2257 Sora | CT875 Collectables | FL595 Oriental Flourish Pack | Paper Blooms-  F627 Coconut,F640 Fairy Floss | Mini paper Blooms- F657 Fairy Floss | T314 Double sided tape | T302 foam dots | Other: Cotton Lace

 “Beautiful” Layout ~ by Alicia McNamara

Hanami Garden Layout by Alicia McNamara

To make the white parts of the Gold Foil paper red, I simply sprayed with Red Kaiser Mist and wiped over the paper with a baby wipe.

Hanami Garden Layout by Alicia McNamara

Hanami Garden Layout by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Products: PS482 Fan Pattern – Gold Foil | P2253 Mokuren | CT875 Collectables | KM109 Kaiser Mist – Red | KM102 Kaiser Mist – Antique Gold | FL595 Flourish Pack – Oriental | F664 Paper Blooms – Fire Red | F669 Mini Paper Blooms -Fire Red | DD168 Decorative Die – Oriental Fan | DD757 Decorative  Die – Large Flourishes | DD156 Decorative Die – Vines | GC120 Glitter Card Stock – Ruby | KC050 Metallic Gold Paint| FC211 Foil Card Stock – Ruby Red | FC205 Foild Card Stock – Brushed Gold | EM436 Pearl String – Light Gold | RS410 Sparklets – Daffodil | RS416 Sparklets – Rouge | SB795 Pearls – Red | SB711 Rhinestones – Red | Other: Red Sewing Thread |

“Beautiful” Layout  by Evgenia Krapivina

Kaisercraft Products:  Specialty Gold Foil 12×12 Fan Pattern PS482 | Mokuren P2253 | Kireina P2255 | Hanami Garden 6.5″ Paper Pad PP1015 | Hanami Garden Collectables CT875 | Floral Wallpaper CS296 | Oriental Flourish Packs FL595 | Premium Cardstock – Black CD603 | Rhinestones – Red SB711 | Pearls – Black SB793 | KAISERmist White KM111

‘Beautiful’ Layout by Collette Mitrega

Kaisercraft Products Used: Hanami Garden: PS481 Fan Pattern – Gold Foil | P2254 Sakura | P2257 Sora | CT875 Collectables | CS282 Clear Stamps | F628 Paper Blooms Honey | F635 Paper Blooms Terracota | F645 Mini Paper Blooms Honey | EM995 Assorted Paper Leaves | T303 Foam Tape | T321 Acid Free Craft Glue.

Other products Used: Gold Embossing Powder, Gold Glitter, Gold Stamens, Emboss ink pad, Cheesecloth.

‘Love your smile’ layout by Tatiana Yemelyanenko

Kaisercraft Products Used: PS481 Fan Pattern – Gold Foil | P2253 Mokuren | CD134 Cardstock Tomato | CT875 Collectables | CS282 Clear Stamps | SS332 Sticker Sheet | PP1015 Paper Pad | FL595 Oriental | SB793 Pearls Black | SB795 Pearls Red | SB711 Rhinestones Red | KM101 Charcoal Mist | F669 Mini Paper Blooms Fire Red | T321 Acid Free Craft Glue

Other: Sparklets, Sequins, Texture mist

‘Remember’ by Sonia Thomason

To create my background, I took the gorgeous Gold Foil Fan paper and sprayed with Kaiser Mist in Charcoal. I then wiped the paper with a baby wipe and the foil acts as a resist to the Mist to create this beautiful rich background that makes the Parasol Paper pop!

Kaisercraft products used: P2253 ‘Makuren’ | P2254 ‘Sakura’ | P2257 ‘Sora’ | PS480 ‘Parasol Die Cut’ | PS481 ‘Fan Pattern Gold Foil’ | CT875 Hanami Garden Collectables | FL595 Oriental Flourish Pack | CS291 Oriental Calligraphy Texture Stamp | SB710 Orange Rhinestones | Kaiser Mist in Charcoal |

Other: Gold Embossing Powder

I stamped part of the Parasol Die Cut Paper with embossing ink using the gorgeous Oriental Calligraphy Texture Stamp and then heat embossed using gold embossing powder. It gives an amazing textural finish that works beautifully with the Gold Foil Paper:

‘Happy Birthday’ card by Julia Akinina

Kaisercraft products: P2258 ‘Hoshi’ | P2254 ‘Sakura’ | PS481 ‘Fan Pattern Gold Foil’ | CT875 Hanami Garden Collectables | PP1015 Hanami Garden 6.5″ Paper Pad | FL595 Oriental Flourish Pack | SS332 Sticker Sheet | SB713 Pearl Pearls

Favorite memories card by Mariusz Gierszewski

Kaisercraft products:| P2254 ‘Sakura’ | PS481 ‘Fan Pattern Gold Foil’ | CT875 Hanami Garden Collectables | PP1015 Hanami Garden 6.5″ Paper Pad | SS332 Sticker Sheet | 


What amazing creations! Now its over to you…

Happy Crafting xxoo

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Group Post – Playing with Textures

January 12, 2017

Hello Kaisercrafters,

it924 it925

IT924 Textures               IT925 Intricate Tiles

Today’s post is all about adding texture to a project.  What better way to add texture than using one of Kaisercraft’s Designer Templates.  The Design Team had a choice of using one of two Designer Templates: IT924 Textures or IT925 Intricate Tiles to add texture to their project.  The Layouts, Cards and Beyond the Page Projects you will see in this post will really amaze you!  Each member of the Design Team have taken these products and creatively used them in their own style of paper crafting.  There are plenty of ideas and inspiration for you in this post…lets take a look at their creations…


“Happiness is a Perfect day” – A House box, by Kirsten Hyde

I got inspired by all the doors in this collection, and created a box that looks like a little house. I have used the Ubud Dreams collection together with a designer template to create some extra texture to the little house.



kaisercraft-ubud-dreams-house-box-mixed-media-kirsten-hyde-myhydeaway-7Kaisercraft Products: Ubud Dreams: P2232 Mantra | P2233 Sekar | P2234 Mandela | P2235 Telaga | PP1013 Paper Pad | CT873 Collectables | IT924 Designer Template Textures.

Other: Gesso and Moss paint 

“Be Happy ” Layout by Rikki Graziani




Kaisercraft Products: Ubud Dreams Collection: P2233 Sekar | P2237 Citra |SS330 Sticker Sheet |PP1013 Paper Pad |CT873 Collectables | KM105 Kaiser Mist – Turquoise | FL593 Flourish Pack – Feathers | IT924 Designer Template| Other : Texture Paste 

“A Perfect Day” layout by Kylie Kingham.




Kaisercraft Products: CD101 Coconut | PP1013 Paper Pad | CT873 Collectables | SS30 Sticker Sheet | KM105 Kaiser Mist Turquoise | IT925 Designer Template

Other:Texture Paste, String

Scrapbook layout ‘Happy’ by Terhi Koskinen


Kaisercraft products: P2226 Handwritten | P2227 Quill | P2230 Postcards | SS329 Sticker Sheet | CT872 Collectables | PS476 Letters – Perforated | IT924 Designer Template Textures | FL592 Flourish Pack Hello | SB786 Pearls China | KM118 Kaiser Mist Olive | KM102 Antique Gold | CD601 Cardstock White

Other: Texture paste, String, Embossing powder

“Live More Worry Less” Layout By Anita Bownds



Kaisercraft products: P2233 Sekar |P2237 Citra |PP1013 Paper Pad |CS280 Clear Stamps
CT873 Collectabels |FL593 Flourish pack Feathers |P2232 Mantra
CD101 kaisercard weave coconut |IT925 Designer Template Intricate Tiles
IP719 Ink Black
Other: mist |impasto|cutfile|machine stitching

‘Happy Birthday’ Card by Collette Mitrega

A super easy and quick card ….. really!!!

I love how it looks do you?

I took some smooth white card (CD650), popped the whole template on the card and spread texture paste all over, just before I went to bed.

In the morning it was dry and I cut the four designs apart and selected the design I wanted to work on.

I swiped Kaisercraft ink pads over the card in a diagonal design and while the ink pads were out, I coloured the little wooden butterfly.

I splashed a few drops of candy pink Kaiser Mist  and a generous spritz of white Kasier Mist …. just because I love getting messy!

I simply finished the card with Kaiser flowers, and a layer of cheesecloth!

Then I washed my messy hands lol!!



Kaisercraft Products Used: IT925 Designer Template Intricate Tiles | CD650 Smooth White Cardstock | IP733 Ink Pad Small Vine | IP725 Ink Pad Small Petal Pink | IP727 Ink Pad Small Lagoon | F633 Paper Blooms Olive | F650 Paper Blooms mini Olive | LDB1053 Wooden Shapes Butterflies | CD503 Square Card Pack Black | PL505 Pearl Strips Latte | KM111 Kaiser Mist White | KM115 Kaiser Mist Candy Pink | ST922 Clear Stickers Happy Birthday | T314 Double sided tape 3mm | T323 Tacky Craft Glue.

Other: Cheesecloth.

‘Textured Tags’ by Julia Akinina


Kaisercraft Products: Ubud Dreams Collection: PP1013 Paper Pad |CT873 Collectables | KM105 Kaiser Mist – Turquoise | KM116 Kaiser Mist – Aqua | CS257 Background Script | CS260 Background Postmarks| DD787 Decorative Die – Mandala | FL593 Flourish Pack – Feathers | IT924 Designer Template| SB794 Pearls – Snow Other : Texture Paste 



‘You are one in a milion’ layout by Tatiana Yemelyanenko


Kaisercraft products:  P2227 Quill | P2229 Post Box | P2223 Telegraph | SS329 Sticker Sheet | PP1012 Paper Pad | CT872 Collectables | IT924 Designer Template Textures | FL592 Flourish Pack Hello | EM948 | Crochet Doilies Lace Cream | F633 Paper Blooms Olive | RS403 Antique Rose | RS403 Champagne | RS4037 Split Pea | SB791 Pearls Pewter | RS413 Sparklets Coral | RS419 Sparklets Fern | KM113 Kaiser Mist Coffee | KM107 Peach

Other: Texture paste, Liquid pearls

“Take the Road less Travelled” Layout by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Ubud Dreams Layout by Alicia McNamara

The least messiest way to add a bit of texture with the Kaisercraft templates is by colouring them with a Kaisercolour Gel Pen!

Kaisercraft Ubud Dreams Layout by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Products: P2232 Mantra | P2239 Merak | SS330 Sticker Sheet | PP1013 Paper Pad | IT925 Designer Template – Intricate Tiles | FL593 Flourish Pack – Feather | CL104 Gel Pens – 48 Colours | F635 Paper Blooms – Terracotta | SB710 Rhinestones – Orange | RS410 Sparklets – Daffodil | IP727 Ink Pad – Lagoon | Other: Blue Sewing Thread |

Kaisercraft Ubud Dreams Layout by Alicia McNamara

“A Perfect Day” Layout By Evgenia Krapivina


Kaisercraft Products: Ubud Dreams 6.5″ Paper Pad PP1013| Ubud Dreams Sticker Sheet SS330 | Collectables CT873 | Premium Cardstock – white CD601 | Clear Stamp CS257 | Clear Stamp CS150 | 12×12 Designer Template Intricate Tiles IT925 | Pearls – Teal SB783 | Pearls – Pearl SB713 | Flourish Pack Hello FL592 | KAISERmist Aqua KM116 | KAISERmist Turquoise KM105 | KAISERmist White KM111 | Small Ink Pad Black IP719 | Blossoms-Bluebell EM972 |




 Now its over to you! Have we inspired you to create something with a little bit of texture? Tag your creations with #Kaisercraft so we can check them out!

Happy crafting : )

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Card Making Decorative Dies P.S I Love You Tatiana Yemelyaneko Terhi Koskinen

DT Group Post – Cards FT Paper Pad PP1010

December 7, 2016


 Today the Design Team are using the Paper Pad from the beautiful “P.S I Love You” Collection to make a gorgeous collection of cards.  Lets take a look at their creations…


”Love ” Cards and Gift Box by Rikki Graziani




Kaisercraft Products: PP1010 paper pad | SS327 |  CT870 Collectables |FLFlourish Pack Love|T303 Foam Tape|CD103 Smoke |CD104 Elephant Ears| CD142 Ballet | Other Chipboard Box

“You are my Sun,Moon and Stars” card by Kylie Kingham


Kaisercraft Products: PP1010 paper pad | IT922 Butterfly template | KM101 Charcoal Kaisermist | CS277 Clear stamps | CT870 Collectables | F661 Black mini paper blooms | F641 dusty pink paper blooms | CD503 Black card | Other Texture paste,cotton,glass beads,white gesso.

“I’ve been waiting for you” card by Kylie Kingham.


Kaisercraft Products : PP1010 paper pad | CT870 collectables | SS327 sticker sheet | CD501 white card | KM101 kaisermist charcoal | F661 black mini paper blooms | F641 dusty pink paper blooms | Other- string,ribbon,white gesso.

“With Love” Cards By Anita Bownds


Kaisercraft Products : PP1010 Paper Pad | DD503 Decorative Die butterflies
DD555 round fancy frames |SB794 Pearls – Snow
other: heart die

Set of cards by Terhi Koskinen



Kaisercraft Products : PP1010 Paper Pad | FL590 Flourissh Pack Love | CD551 Card pack C6 White | IP725 Ink Pad Petal Pink | KM101 Kaiser Mist Charcoal | F658 Mini Paper Bloom Dusty Pink | EM926 Lace Pack White

Masculine valentine’s card by Kirsten Hyde


Kaisercraft Products : PP1010 Paper Pad | CD101 Coconut Weave Cardstock | DD945 Love quotes | FL590 Love Flourish Pack|

“Together is a Beautiful place to be” Card by Alicia McNamara

P.S I Love You card by Alicia McNamara

P.S I Love You card by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Products: PP1010 Paper Pad | IP725 Ink Pad- Petal Pink | CT870 Collectables | FL590 Flourish Pack – Love | SB786 Pearls – Rose | EM926 Lace – White | DD757 Decorative Die – Large Flourishes | DD523 Decorative Die – Scallop Card Edge | DD775 Card Creations – Stitched Lattice C6 | SSS326 Sticker Sheet | Other: Cheesecloth |

‘Forever & Always’ Card by Collette Mitrega

I wanted to create a card that I would be happy to give the man in my life, and I think this little heart one is super cute. The addition of the cheesecloth adds softness , the twine texture, and the red adds a ‘pop’ of colour.


To make the card base, I used the largest nesting die from Kaisercrafts Decorative Die Set, ‘Nesting Hearts’ ( DD528) and die cut it as in the photo. I then cut another one in dark grey paper and attached it to the front of the heart. This formed my heart shaped card, a technique you can use with many die shapes!


Kaisercraft Products Used: P.S I Love You Collection: PP1010 Paper Pad | CT870 Collectables | CD501 Square White Card and Envelope Pack | DD528 Decorative Die – Nesting Hearts |  EM995 Assorted Paper Leaves | LDB1079 Natural Jute Cord  | SB795 Pearls red | F669 Fire Red Mini Paper Blooms | T303 Foam Tape | LDB 1058 Permanent Adhesive Roller.

Other Products Used: Cheesecloth

‘Forever’ Card by Tatiana Yemelyanenko



Kaisercraft Products: PP1010 Paper Pad |  CT870 Collectables |  CS277 Clear Stamps | SSS326 Sticker Sheet | IP725 Ink Pad- Petal Pink |  FL590 Flourish Pack – Love | SB700 Rhinestones –  Silver | SB701 Rhinestones – Soft Pink | RS420 Sparklets – Hearts | CD511 C6 Card Packs – White | T322 PVA Glue

Other: Embossing powder, Vellum, White Texture Spray

‘Forever’ card by Sonia Thomason

Kaisercraft products used: PP1010 PS I Love You Paper Pad | CD101 Coconut Weave Cardstock | GC104 Crystal Glitter Cardstock | FL590 Flourish Pack Love | DD415 Forever Heart Decorative Die | F641 Dusty Pink Paper Blooms | EM926 White Lace | KM111 White Kaiser Mist | RS408 Crystal Sparklets | 


Now its your turn!  Pick up a “P.S I Love You” Paper Pad and get creating! Your 2017 Card Stash will love you for it!

Happy Crafting : )

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Beyond the Page DIY Glitter Cardstock Home Decor Mini Album NEW Product Peek A Boo Terhi Koskinen

DT Group Post – Baby Shower Ideas

November 17, 2016

 Kaisercraft’s new Peek-a-Boo Collection is perfect for all your Baby Projects.  Today the Design Team are showcasing some fabulous Baby Shower ideas.  Let’s take a look at these amazing creations…


” Its a Girl”Cupcake toppers and holders by Rikki Graziani


Kaisercraft Products: Peek A Boo Collection : PP1008 Paper Pad | CT867 Collectables | FL Floursih Pack – Baby | Other: Hot Glue | Bamboo Sticks | Rosette Die 


“Its a boy” Exploding box By Anita Bownds




P2188 Bambino |P2192 Kid |PP1008 Paper pad
DD555 round fancy frames |SB774 Rhinestones Ice Blue
T302 mounting foam|EM926 Lace Pack White |F648 Mini Blooms – Sea Breeze
F630 Paper Blooms iceberg|CD101 kaisercard weave coconut
CD174 powder blue|EF240 heart frame |EM995 Assorted paper leaves |DD122 its a Boy
Other:paper straws|cotton tread|colour paste snow white|crape paper

“Our Baby Girl” Frame By Anita Bownds



P2189 Bundle |SS324 sticker sheet girl |P2187 Tiny Tot
P2191 New Arrival |P2193 infant |P2195 young one
EM407 Tini pegs |DD555 round fancy frames
Other: Paper twine|frame|gesso|modelling paste|staples

‘LOVE’ table decor by Kylie Kingham


Kaisercraft products: SB312 ‘L’ | SB315 ‘O’ | SB322 ‘V’ | SB305 ‘E’ | P2187 Tiny Tot | P2188 Bambino | P2193 Infant | P2190 Precious | CT868 Collectables | FL588 Baby flourish pack | EM947 Crochet Doilie | EM926 White lace | T321 Craft Glue | F627 Coconut | F630 Iceberg | F640 Fairy Floss | Other- Ribbon,cheesecloth.

‘Mini album for a little boy’  by Kirsten Hyde

I have created a small minialbum for the baby’s first year. There is space for a photo for each month during the first year. Ther front of the album has a shakerbox with beads and wooden embellishments.


The album is simply decorated inside.




Kaisercraft Products: Peek A Boo collection: CT 868 Collectables Boy | PP1008 Paper Pad IT921 | FL588 Flourish Pack Boy.

Other: Book binder rings.

‘Guess it!’ Altered box by Terhi Koskinen

I made a box for a Baby Shower game I love to play. The idea is that all Baby Shower guests writes their guesses about the unborn baby (weight, lenght, date of birth, name…) to a note and put the papers to this gorgeous box. Then after the baby has been born, the best guesser gets a little prize – and new parents will have this little box as a memory of the life chancing pregnancy time.


Kaisecraft products: PP2190 Precious | P2168 Tiny Tot | P2194 Cherub | CT867 Collectable – Girl | CS275 Clear Stamp | IP719 Ink Pad Black

Other: Thread

‘It’s a boy cupcake decorations’ by Sonia Thomason

Kaisercraft Products used: P1008 Peek-a-Boo Paper Pad | CT 868 Peek-a-Boo Boy Collectables | GC111 Glitter Cardstock Frost | DD774 Stitched Star Decorative Die | 

Other: Bamboo sticks

“Baby Mobile” By Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Baby Mobile by Alicia McNamara
Kaisercraft Baby Mobile by Alicia McNamaraKaisercraft Baby Mobile by Alicia McNamaraKaisercraft Baby Mobile by Alicia McNamara Kaisercraft Baby Mobile by Alicia McNamara Kaisercraft Baby Mobile by Alicia McNamara Kaisercraft Baby Mobile by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Baby Mobile by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Products: SB2449 Baby Mobile | PP1008 Paper Pad | IP726 Ink Pad – Island | IP725 Ink Pad – Petal Pink | F631 Paper Blooms – Sea Breeze | F640 Paper Blooms – Fairy Floss | KC001 Kaisercolour – White |

Other: White Ribbon | White String | White Cheese Cloth

‘BABY’ Book by Collette Mitrega


Kaisercrafts ‘Baby’ Album, simply decorated with ‘Peek a Boo” papers and collectables. With space for mum to pop in treasured photos, this would make a beautiful baby shower gift!


Don’t forget Kaisercrafts ‘File Set’, perfect for getting into every nook and cranny!








Kaisercraft Products Used: Peek a Boo Collection – P2192 Kid | P2188 Bambino | P2190 Precious |P2194 Cherub | CT 868 Collectables Boy | SB2448 BABY album | ST924 Clear Stickers Baby | M021 Album Rings White | CD650 Smooth White Cardstock | IP726 Ink Pad Island | T307 File Set | T324 Glaze Paste | LDB1058 Permanent Adhesive Roller.

Other Products Used: Ribbons.


These projects would be perfect as a gift for a new baby or as a decoration at a Baby Shower…what will you be making with the new Peek-a-Boo Collection?



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