Tuesday Tip – Rub Ons

Hi Everyone, Joanne with you here today giving you a little tip on getting more out of your rub ons. As you already would know Kaisercraft have many beautiful ranges of rub ons and today I wanted to show you another way to use them besides rubbing them onto your page backgrounds.

As you would probably know a lot of my stuff is quiet dimensional and sometimes I prefer for the rub on to be on top instead of the bottom of whatever I am doing so here is what I do….

Materials needed – rub ons, off cut of clear acetate (I keep all of the off cut bits from the Kaisercraft printed acetate sheets), scissors, corner punch & a paddle pop stick to apply the rub on (I actually use the end of my tweezers).

Apply the rub onto the clear acetate. Once rub on is applied, using a sharp pair of scissors cut around to make a rectangular shape.

Then using a corner punch, punch the corners to give a rounded edge.

You will then have a neat rectangular shape of acetate with your rub on applied ready to be placed anywhere on your page or off the page creation.

I use this technique all of the time and it gives me the freedom to use the rub ons where ever I want them on my projects….

Why not try giving this technique a go and unlock the possibilities of Kaisercrafts beautiful rub ons?
Have a terrific day and happy creating!

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11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Rub Ons

  1. I have tried several of Kaisercrafts rub-ons and find them extremely hard to “rub-on”, I have tried several methods (stylus, a coin, basic grey’s rub-on tool, a popsicle stick…)by the time the words transfer to the surface I want them on, the paper or acetate is dented from rubbing so hard to get the rub-on to release. Any suggestions???

  2. Would never have thought of that – also sometimes when I’ve “messed” up I felt I have ruined the card – this way if it doesn’t quite work at least the card is saved. Will definitely use this technique in the future.

  3. I have kaiser rub ons and im having a lot of trouble rubbing them onto plain paper, actually the print just wont come off onto any surface I try. What could be wrong?

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