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Creative Cards: Specialty cards

April 5, 2011

Specialty Cards – Concertina cards

We’re sharing some fun specialty cards today from Leanne and Karen, here we go!

Concertina Effect card by Leanne Allinson

Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to share with you, how to create simple concertina effects on and with cards.

The first card displays half of a concertina flower, making it look my like an intricate hand-held ladies fan. I loved this idea being teamed up with the delicate English Rose patterned papers!

Take two of the patterned papers that contrast slightly from the 6” paper pad. Cut one strip from the darker paper at 1.5” (1 ½”). Cut the second patterned paper at 1.25” (1 ¼”). Using a scalloped border punch, trim one edge of each of the papers. Using a scoring blade, score line at equal distances. I used the lower part of the scallop punch as my guide to create valleys. Turn the patterned paper over and repeat the scoring process but in equal distance from the high point of the scallop punch. Do the same with the second piece of patterned paper.

Fold the scored lines accordingly. To create the lower layer of the fan, take both short edges in your fingers and bring them together. Place double sided tape on top of both of the short ends.

To add extra dimension, repeat the process with the lighter coloured patterned paper and match the folds to the lower layer of the fan when placing it on top. Tuck the edges below a strip of cardstock or patterned paper to help anchor it to your card.

“Precious Memories” card by Leanne Allinson: English Rose collection – 6” paper pad (pp835); rub-ons (rb888); rhinestones – champagne (rs404); grosgrain ribbon – forest (ri608); paper flowers – antique pink (f609); card pad – after five (cp703). Other – cardstock;ink; foam tape.

‘Flip card’ by Karen Shady

This style of card is very popular among cardmakers, and is known as the ‘flip card’ or ‘swing card’. They look really effective, and are surprisingly easy to make.

To begin, take a piece of cardstock 18 cm long x 15 cm wide. Score a line at 7.5 cm from the outer edge ( the longest side) on both sides, and score down 3.5 cms from the top ( see diagram below). Do this on the top and bottom of the card, then, using a pencil, draw a rectangle 4cm out from the top and bottom score folds, and connect the lines to finish. Then cut along the pencil lines with a craft knige and ruler. ( then erase the pencil lines )  Your card should look like this when finished.

Next you need to fold along the score lines, one side is a mountain fold, the other a valley fold. Fold one side towards the front, and the other side towards the back. Now your card should look like this.

Decorate your card as desired, keeping in mind as you decorate, that because the card is going to ‘flip’ around, the back of the card will become the front when the card is closed.

Back of my card:

For the front of my card, I have used a sentiment cut from the ‘charlotte’ paper. Then to give it something a little extra, I have filled in the flowers with demensional magic, once dry, I ‘cracked’ the demensional magic, by simply bending the paper, and rubbed very lightly over the top with some brown distress ink to give it an aged appearance.

materials used: English rose paper collection, thelma (P597), charlotte (P602), 6×6 paper pad (PP835),cardstock, martha stewart punch, demensional magic.

Tri-fold Card by Leanne Allinson

This next card is also very simple. It is a basic tri-fold card made entirely from patterned paper.

Trim your chosen 12×12” patterned paper sheet to your prefered size. Score two lines at 4” from each end. Fold to create the concertina shape and then simply decorate to suit the occassion! It can’t get any easier than that!!

“Happy Birthday” card by Leanne Allinson: Magic Happens collection – Fairy Tale (p625), specialty paper – glitter (ps138); printed chipboard (cb123); decorative pearl flourish – pearl (pl515); rub-ons – birthday cards (rb811); rhinestones – lilac (sb705). Other – black pen; clear acetate; foam tape.

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NEW Product

Flutterby Week: Cards

March 9, 2011

Flutterby Week: Cards

Did you know it’s Flutterby Week? If not, you missed out on some seriously cute layouts – go on then, check them out!

Today we’re sharing some fantastic cards made by our Design Team!

“Flutterby’s” – Camilla Ekman: Paper Pad – Magic Happens Collection (PP838); Flutterby’s – Magical (EM962); Rhinestone Flourish – Island Lagoon Flourish (RS462); Paper Blooms – Sea Breeze (F631) Other: leaves

Monika, “These Flutterbys are magic, they make the card all by themselves!”

Monika : Flutterby EM962 Magical, Magic Happens Paper Pad PP838.

Karen, ” I have used some  crystal coloured ‘stickles’ to glam up my butterfly a little. Once the glitter was dry, I  adhered some ‘ice blue’ rhinestones for a little more sparkle”.

“You are simply” card by Karen: bubblegum hill collection paper pad (PP839), callipso punch patterned paper  (P633), rhinestone flourish-island lagoon (RS462), rub on – forever (RB893) other: cardstock, border punch, gel pen, stickles.

“BFF” Card by LG Belarmino: Bubblegum Hills Collection -Paper Pad (PP839), Berry Surprise (P636), Die Cut Elements (DC336), and Bubblegum Flutterby (EM961).

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Layouts NEW Product

Flutterby Week : Layouts

March 7, 2011

Look at these pretties… Kaisercraft’s NEW Flutterby embellishments! This week we’ll be sharing fun projects, layouts and cards using these gorgeous embellishments! Enjoy!

EM961 Bubblegum

EM962 Magical

First up a  layout from Kerryn:

“Baby you gotta” by Kerryn: Materials: Flutterbys – Bubblegum (EM961), Empire patterned paper – Ruby (P454), Timeless patterned paper – Dress form (P655), Bubblegum Hills patterned paper – Calipso punch (P633), Pearls – chino (SB789), Black rubons – Lush (RB867), Life (RB903), Girls (RB916), Paper blooms – Iceberg (F630), Sunset (F634), Alpha stickers – Tangerine (AS223), Black (AS226), Bubblegum Hills colour rubons (RB898), Organza ribbon – Red (RI616), Rhinestones – Orange (SB710), Rhinestone flourishes – Classic Island Lagoon (RS462), Mini crochet doilie – Vintage (EM951), Wood flourishes – bird cages (FL302), Bubblegum Hills mini journal tags (JT615), Bubblegum Hills paper pad (PP839). Other: leaves, glimmermist, punch, distress ink, flowers.

Next, a layout from Leanne:

To add extra colour to the flutterby and to help co-ordinate with my layout, I’ve inked the edges very gently with kaisercraft’s lipstick ink. It also helps to lift the embellishment from the page, allowing it to be a standout feature.

“Spring Carnival” by Leanne Allinson: Candy Lane collection – toffee apple (p587), mango drops (p576); 6” paper pad (pp832); printed chipboard (cb117); alpha stickers – avocado (as218); mini alpha stickers – latte (ma506); paper blooms – sunset (f634); paper flowers – snow (f601); rhinestones – deep yellow (sb712); flutterby’s – bubblegum (e961); ink – lipstick (ip714), hot pink (ip713), black (ip707); clear stamp – script (cs752). Other – twine, machine stitching, staples, black pen.

Next a layout from Lesley:

I wanted to create a whimsical layout. I have taken the Fairy Dust patterned paper and carefully torn out the middle out of it. I have taken some cardboard (12×12) and torn a similar part out of the middle (I used the patterned paper as a template).

I have used the middle from the patterned paper under the cardboard and the 12×12 piece with the middle torn out on top of the cardboard.

These 3 pieces sit on top of a 12×12 piece of cardstock. I have distressed all the edges until I had a look I was happy with. Using the cardboard gives dimension and texture to the layout. I have stamped swirls onto vellum and then stitched with backstitch.

The flutterbys I used blanket stitch around the edges. The paper blooms and crochet doilies go beautifully with the flutterbys.

“Make a wish” by Lesley Cooper: Material List: Flutterby (EM962); Magic Happens Collection, Patterned Paper Fairy Dust; Clear Stamps (CS772); Rub Ons (RB896); Mini Journal Tags (JT614); Ink (IP715), IP(716); Paper Blooms (F631, F642); Crochet Doilie (EM954, EM955); Other: Distress Embossing powder, floss, vellum, cardstock, cardboard, date stamp.

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Tuesday Tutorial – Fairy Castle Tutorial

March 1, 2011

As some of you know, late last year,I made a cupcake stand castle using the Candy Lane Collection and a few people said they could never make that.

So when Kaiser asked me to make another one for CHA, using the new ‘Magic Happens’ range, I decided to make step by step instructions on how to make it, so now anyone can have a go and you may even improve on my version.

Magic Happens Fairy Castle Cupcake Stand

Material needed: (using MAGIC HAPPENS)  SB2091 Cupcake stand. Walls: 5 x Enchanted paper,Towers: 2 x Potion, 1 x Fairytale,Turrets: 2 x Pixie,Gate: 1 x Spirit,Roses: 2 x Fairy dust, 2 x Fairy tale, Some thick cardboard,Double sided tape: 12mm & 6mm,3D foam dots,Roll of thick foam double-sided tape, Kaiser ‘concrete’ clear background stamp, Inks: Antique blue & Lilac,White Tulle 120cm,Glimmermist,I x white cardstock,Good strong craft glue,Martha Stewart lace punch, 7 toilet rolls and 1 paper towel roll.

Step 1:

From the cardboard, cut 5 short walls (15 x 8 cms) and 1 longer wall for the front ( 18 x 8 cms).

Step 2:

Cut 1mm slots, approx 1.5 cms in from the edges and about 1.5” from the base, down from the top. Using the ‘Enchanted’ paper, cut the butterflies out from 2 sheets first and put them aside for later. Being as economical as possible with your paper, cover the front of the walls by cutting the papers to fit exactly between the scissor slots.

NOTE: This would be a good time to add your white cardstock punched lace to the tops of the walls, before you tape the enchanted paper down. I only discovered this after I had already taped the paper on). See step 7.

Tape the cut ‘Enchanted’ paper to your walls.

Step 3:

Using the ‘Antique blue’ ink and ‘concrete’ stamp, and making sure you don’t get a clean sharp edge, stamp the walls at both ends. (Remember, don’t ink the whole stamp, just rough sections to avoid a clean stamp line. You want the ‘concrete’ to blend). Put short walls aside.

Step 4:

Cut some strips of ‘Enchanted’ 2cms wide, from scraps. Cut a ‘stone’ template about 1” long, from the thick cardboard. You will need 24 large (1” long) stones and 33 half inch long stones.

Ink each stone with the Lilac ink around the edges as shown.

Cut a doorway in your long front wall and start to cover the edges of the door with smaller stones attaching them with the 3D foam dots to give them some dimension. Work from the bottom of the doorway up, because you will have to cut the top 5 stones to fit and re-ink them.

Step 5:

Finish adding all the stones to all of your walls by alternating long and short ones up the sides.

Step 6:

To make the drawbridge door, cut a piece of the ‘Spirit’ paper, stripes vertical, slightly larger than the doorway. Cut a strip also from the same paper to go horizontally  across the base along with a strip of lace punched darker purple or contrast paper. Glue to the back of the wall.

Step 7:

Now, as I mentioned before in step 2, you can add the punched lace cardstock to the tops of the walls before you cover the fronts, but if you haven’t, then that’s ok – it still works – just add them to the back. It just looks better if you can’t see the raw cardboard edges from the outside. If you do them earlier on, the raw edge is unseen, although its hardly noticeable the other way either).

Cover the back of your walls with the remaining ‘Enchanted’ paper.

Step 8:

To make the towers, measure and trim the ‘Potion’ paper to the same height as your toilet rolls and adhere them with double-sided tape, making sure that you have an extra strip of tape approx. 1” up from the bottom (you will see why later on), or you could glue them making sure you put glue all over the paper.

Add an extra piece to the finishing edge to hold the paper down securely.

Step 9:

Punch some wide lace strips from white cardstock and attach using some thick double-sided foam tape to make the tower-top pop out like a verandah.  Cut some strips (3/4” wide) from the ‘Fairytale’ paper and add using double-sided tape, around the tower-top hiding your join at the back. Do this for all 6 toilet rolls.

Step 10:

For the top level of the cake stand, use 1 toilet roll and also cut your paper towel roll into one tall and one short tower (shorter than the toilet roll). Then cut them down the sides and reduce their width so that they all fit onto the base. I have secured mine with double-sided tape.  Make them 3 different heights.

Cover as the other towers but this time use some of the ‘Spirit’ paper for trimming the tallest one.

Step 11:

Punch some lacework from white cardstock to go around the small base of the top level. Add double-sided tape around the base then add the cardstock lace. Using double-sided tape, add a strip from the ‘Spirit’ paper around the lacework.

Step 12:

To make the turrets, cut a cone template (making sure you leave a small edge for gluing it together) from scrap paper, so it fits into your tower-tops, then cut them from the ‘Pixie’ paper. Add a pearl brad to each of the towers as an outdoor light.

Step 13:

To make the roses (using the Tim Holtz method – see his blog for details), cut enough rose pieces to make 32 roses. Sand the edges of each piece.

When you have glued the outside layer of each rose, poke 2 holes in the base centre and poke flower-makers wire, (cut at about 6” long each) through them. Continue making the roses till finished.

Step 14:

To make the tulle surrounds, cut into strips at least 5” wide. Without attaching to your castle just yet, try to bunch the tulle in the appropriate places using string to tie it. Using glimmermist, (I used Pink Taffy) spray with bunches, where the string is tied. You may need to give a few sprays for the colour to show up well.

OK, you’ve done all the hard work, now comes the fun part.


Firstly, drill a small hole at every rose point on the cake stand (so you have something to secure your roses and wire to). The flower-makers wire gets threaded into these holes soon, so make them big enough to fit 2 widths of wire.

Next, cut slits up from the bottom of the 6 toilet roll towers (about 2” up) and slide them down into your wall slits. (The extra strip of double-sided tape inside your towers stops the paper from sticking out when you cut it).  Join the 5 short walls and 1 long front wall into a hexagon shape around the base layer of the cake stand.

Add the tulle by threading a rose over each bunched piece of string and thread the wire into the pre-drilled holes. Twist together underneath to secure.  Cut the ends of the tulle about 2” too long and cross them over under the last rose and secure with the wire, so it looks like a bow.  Repeat this with the tulle for the middle layer of the cake stand.

Put the top layer onto the stand and add one of those butterflies you were saving, to the front-side of the tower.

Add a few butterflies to the front walls of the castle and congratulations! You’re all done! Looks even better with cupcakes on it.

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Beyond the Page

I do believe in fairies

February 26, 2011

Last year I started to make some canvases for my Mother-in-Law’s bedroom.  I guess I was taking too long because she ended up making something herself LOL.  They have sat on a shelf under my desk ever since.

Seeing all of the fairies and butterflies in the Magic Happens collection I started to wonder whether I could “clean slate” these canvases for a new purpose.

And so a fairy garden was born. 

Full of fairies,

full of butterflies,

full of magic.

The only problem now is figuring out how I’m going to hang them up in my daughter’s bedroom!!

“Fairy garden canvases” by Kerryn Lawson

Products Used : Magic Happens patterned paper – Fairy tale (P625), Topaz (P629), Magic Happens paper pad (PP838), Magic Happens rubons (RB896), Magic Happens diecut elements (DC335), Paper blooms – Misty (F642), Fuchsia (F639), Amethyst (F643), Pearl strips – White (PL501), Rhinestone strips – Lime (RS455), Rhinestones – Ice Blue (SB774), Champagne (RS404), Lilac (SB705), Dark Purple (SB706), Pearls – Lavender (SB785), Ink – Lilac (IP715), Wood flourishes – Bird cages (FL302), Iron Fence (FL329), Hanging Plaque (FL334), Organza Ribbon – blue (RI617), Paint – White (KC001), Turquoise (KC021).

Other Products Used : tissue paper, canvases, distress paint, leaf ribbon, flowers, kindyglitz

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