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September Creations with Amanda Baldwin

September 29, 2015

Hi Kaisercrafters!

Welcome back for more inspiration with our amazing collections for September!

As usual, I am just totally in love with them all & couldn’t stop at just a few projects….lol!

So go pop on the kettle, sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing what I’ve created to inspire you!

First up, I am sharing the gorgeous Silver Bells collection….

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.12.10 am

How beautiful! Think pinks, blues, vintage and Christmas – sheer paper bliss!

Here’s what I’ve created with it…

“Christmas Countdown” Beyond The Page 

2015-08-12 13.17.41

I know – how sweet is this Christmas Countdown? Sooooo very pretty!

Although my darling Mr A for Awesome was a bit concerned about ‘where the chocolates go?’ Bless him!

Kaisercraft Products: SB2267 | Christmas Countdown, CD101 | Coconut, P1927 | Baubles, P1934 | Merry Christmas, PP979 | Paper Pad, CT837 | Collectables, DD534 | Snowflake, RS408 | Crystal, SB700 | Silver, SB786 | Rose, SB718 | Bliss, EM926 | White, KC001 | White, T307 | File Set, T318 | Craft Knife, T319 | Craft Mat.

Other: Thickers numerals

Speaking of my awesome boy, here he is….

“Believe” layout

2015-08-02 09.36.03

Yep, cute as a button! And so very hilarious too!

How fabulous are these papers though? I couldn’t wait to get a lil mixed media onto them – with Kaisercraft’s new release Christmas Templates!

Here’s a closer view…

2015-09-01 20.59.22

And loving the new decorative dies as well! Kaisercraft really spoil us with fabulous product!

Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, P1930 | Carol, PP979 | Paper Pad, CT837 | EM430 | Just For You Pink Tag Pk, ST920 | Merry Christmas, T625 | Geo Tile, KM106 | Denim, DD326 | Reindeer, DD114 | Believe, F631 | Sea Breeze, F630 | Iceberg, F648 | Sea Breeze, F647 | Iceberg, SB700 | Silver.

Other: Texture paste, & staples.

Here’s another contemporary page of my boy at Christmastime,

“Believe” 8.5″ x 11″ layout

2015-08-01 14.46.19

2015-09-01 20.57.39

Love this! So modern & fun despite the vintage feel of the papers, & those new dies are really just divine!

Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | P1929 | Wonderland, P1932 | Joy, CT837 | Collectables, SB700 | Silver, DD114 | Believe, DD534 | Snowflake.

But, I can’t let Mr A steal all the limelight –

here’s my beautiful daughter with some very pretty pinks….

“Merry Christmas LOVE” layout

2015-08-08 15.59.56

Gorgeous, huh?!

These patterned papers are simply divine! And those ornament collectables are a perfect adornment – too pretty!

Kaisercraft Products: PS428 | Specialty Paper-Baubles, P1926 | Good Tidings, P1928 | Believe, P1933 | Good Wishes, PP979 | Paper Pad, CT837 | Collectables, ST920 | Clear Stickers-Merry Christmas, SB700 | Silver, RS408 | Crystal. Other: Sewing.

And another modern, contemporary page for my personal 8.5 x 11″ album…..

“Christmas” 8.5″ x 11″ layout

2015-08-08 15.48.30

Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, P1931 | Frosty. P1932 | Joy, P1934 | Merry Christmas, CT837 | Collectables, SS293 | Sticker Sheet, DD534 | Snowflake, Pearl Brads. Other: Sewing.

And, because it’s a Christmas collection, here’s a couple of Christmas cards too…

2015-07-31 14.21.12

Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, PP979 | Paper Pad, CT837 | Collectables, EM405 | Paper Doilies, CS700 | Clear Stamper, CS237 | Clear Stamp- Silver Bells, IP719 | Black, SB718 | Bliss. Other: vellum, wreath embellishment.

2015-08-01 14.50.53

How cute is that sequin shaker pocket?!!

Kaisercraft Products: CD501 | Card Pk Square White, PP979 | Paper Pad, CT837 | Collectables, CS700 | Clear Stamper, CS237 | Clear Stamp-Silver Bells, IP719 | Black. Other: vellum, sequins, ribbon, button & sewing.

So many paper pretties with this lovely collection!

And if you want a lil more Silver Bells inspiration – see my Design Team Finalist 2015 Entry here.

I was lucky enough to sample this gorgeous collection earlier this year, and yes, I am still in love with it!!!

The second collection that I fell in love with this month is the more tradtional, Home For Christmas.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.13.49 am

This is a really earthy Christmas collection that has the cutest stamps set too!

Here’s a super sweet Christmas package and stamped gift tag…

2015-08-13 14.49.45

Told you it had a cute stamp set!

Kaisercraft Products: P1940 | Decoration, EM428 | Kraft Tag Pk, CS700 | Clear Stamper, CS238 | Clear Stamp-Home For Christmas, IP722 | Red Gum.

Other: Black pen.

“Merry Christmas” layout

2015-08-14 13.14.39

How cool is this?!!

Such a fun page, & I really love that new Stars C6 Decorative Die – it’s a new favourite of mine!

Let’s take a closer peak at it…..

2015-08-16 09.16.35

Love those Merry Christmas Clear Stickers too! Very cool!

Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, P1936 | Sugar Plum, PP980 | Paper Pad, CT838 | Collectables, SS294 | Sticker Sheet, EM428 | Kraft Tag Pk, ST920 | Merry Christmas, DD726 | Stars C6.

Here’s another bright and contemporary page,

“Smile, it’s Christmas” layout

2015-08-16 09.06.48

2015-08-16 09.07.37

Such a cheeky photo!!! How cute is this boy?!!

Again, quite a modern design but a great display of those patterned papers and collectables.

I also love cork as an embellishment & the new Stars C6 Decorative Die works perfectly with the Kaisercraft Cork Sheets – awesomeness!

Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, P1943 | Laurel, PP980 | Paper Pad, CT838 | Collectables, SS294 | Sticker Sheet, DD726 | Stars C6, DD326 | Reindeer, CB152 | Cork.

Other: Sewing

Such a lovely Christmas collection needs a few cards too…

“Merry Christmas” card
2015-08-16 09.09.43

Kaisercraft Products: CD651 | Kraft Cardstock, PP980 | Paper Pad, CT838 | Collectables, SS294 | Sticker Sheet, EM428 | Kraft Tag Pk. Other: Sewing, ribbon.

“Tis the Season” card

2015-09-01 20.45.00

Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, PP980 | Paper Pad, CT838 | Collectables, DD726 | Stars C6, CB152 | Cork.

“December to Remember” card

2015-09-01 20.46.05

Kaisercraft Products: CD651 | Kraft Cardstock, PP980 | Paper Pad, CT838 | Collectables, PT219 | Printed Tape-Holly, DD726 | Stars C6, CB152 | Cork.

Other : Ribbon.

“The most wonderful time” card

2015-09-01 20.48.09

Kaisercraft Products: CD651 | Kraft Cardstock, PP980 | Paper Pad, CT838 | Collectables, SS294 | Sticker Sheet, EM405 | Paper Doilies 20pcs.

& the final collection that I am sharing with you today is the incredible new Family Tree inspired, Generations

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.14.13 am

This collection has a really traditional and vintage Family Tree style to it & is just perfect for Family Albums!

I’ve started creating a 12 x 12″ album of my family with it –

Here’s where I am up to,


2015-05-20 08.55.10

Kaisercraft Products: PP227 | 12 x 12″ Paper Pad, CT839 | Collectables, F629 |Buttercream, F644 | Coconut, T602 | Damask, IP726 | Island, Pearl Brads.

Other: Lace & trim.


2015-06-14 15.02.27

Kaisercraft Products: PP227 | 12 x 12″ Paper Pad, CT839 | Collectables, FL327 | Elm Tree.

Other: Lace.


2015-06-14 14.58.50

Kaisercraft Products: PP227 | 12 x 12″ Paper Pad, CT839 | Collectables, F629 | Buttercream, RS411 | Cameo.

Other: lace.


2015-06-14 15.00.01

Kaisercraft Products: PP227 | 12 x 12″ Paper Pad, CT839 | Collectables, TM806 | Metal Label Pulls-Brass, TM812 | Metal Drawer Knobs.


2015-06-14 14.56.04

Kaisercraft Products: PP227 | 12 x 12″ Paper Pad, CT839 | Collectables, F629 | Buttercream, F646 | Buttercream, FL | Rose, RS411 | Cameo.

Other: Ribbon, lace.


2015-06-14 15.01.33

Kaisercraft Products: PP227 | 12 x 12″ Paper Pad, CT839 | Collectables, TM812 | Metal Drawer Knobs, FL301 | Leaves.

Other: Ribbon.

& my final lovely that I am sharing today is a beautiful frame of my mum and darling son….

This one truly is a “Treasured Memory”

2015-05-17 11.27.40

Isn’t this divine?! This one makes me smile every time I see it!

Such pretty corner embellishment clusters too….

2015-05-17 11.29.38

2015-05-17 11.41.28

So beautiful!

Kaisercraft Products: SB2101 Bracket Frame, PP227 | 12 x 12″ Paper Pad, CT839 | Collectables, F632 |Sage, Pearl Brads, PL505 | Latte, FL483 | Treasured Memory, EM405 | Paper Doilies 20pcs.

Hope you have enjoyed viewing some of my creations with these stunning new collections!

Be sure to visit everyday for more inspiration from me


my super talented fellow Design Team members!

Thanks for leaving a kind comment,

til next time,

Happy Arty Days,

Amanda xo

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Beyond the Page Card Making Design Team DIY Generations Home Decor Home for Christmas Kaisercraft Kirsten Hyde Layouts Papercraft Silver Bells

Preparing for Christmas in September with Kirsten Hyde

September 28, 2015

It’s already the end of September, and three months until Christmas. Three months is not a long time. It is time to think about creating advent calendars, Christmas cards and small Christmas gifts. I have created some Christmas inspiration in this post with an Advent/ Christmas calendar, Christmas card, a small gift (decorated box of Chocolates), and a layout (a framed layout would also make a great gift).

Silver Bells

Advent calendar:

As a Design Team member, I got the Advent Block calendar (SB2316). I decided to use the Silver Bells collection, to decorate the advent calendar. Silver Bells collection is a great vintage collection, perfect with the soft colours.

Silver Bells Christmas calendar 2

The numbers are Kaisercrafts chipboard Alphabet 3 (CD109). I have colourd the numbers with KaiserMist, Glitter or crackle paint.

Silver Bells Christmas calendar 3

I have used gesso on the flowers, to create a snow effect.

Silver Bells Christmas calendar 4

The lamp is a diecut made with one of Kaisercraft’s dies (Street Light DD513).

Silver Bells Christmas calendar 6

The gnome, is a photo of my frosty garden gnome.

Silver Bells Christmas calendar 1

Kaisercraft Materials: Advent Block SB2316 | Paper Silver Bells: Good Tidings P1926 |  Baubles P1927 |  Believe P1928 |  Wonderland P1929 |  Carol P1930 |  Merry Christmas P1934 |  Paper Pad: PP979 |  Clear stamps CS237 |  Collectables CT837 |  Paper Blooms: Sea Breeze F631 |  Coconut F627 |  Decorative Dies Street Light DD513 |  Chipboard Alpha 3 CD109 |  KaiserMist Antique GoldKM102 |  Stencils Christmas Quarters T623.

Christmas card:

I wanted to create a simple Christmas card, using the Tag Pack for this collection.

Silver Bells Christmas card 2b

The motive is a Christmas tag. I have used one of Kaisercraft stencils and Gesso to create some snow effect on the background.

Silver Bells Christmas card 1

Kaisercraft Materials: Paper Pad PP979 |  Tag Pack EM425 |  Paper: Good Wishes P1933 |  Paper Blooms Fairy Floss F640 |  Lace White EM926 |  Pearls Pewter SB791 |  Stencils Christmas Quarters T623.

Home for Christmas

Decorating boxes of Chocolate, is something which is very popular in Norway. I decided to decorate an After Eight box. This is a super small neighbor gift for Christmas.

After Eight box

The measurements were taken from the After Eight box itself. I decided to create a separate box, which the After Eight box fits into. By doing this, the  box of Chocolate can be changes for a new one, when it has been eaten.

After Eight box Home for Christmas 2

I also created a small winter landscape on the top of the lid of the box.

After Eight box Home for Christmas 3

The trees has been made by using on of Kaisercraft’s new Christmas tree dies (CC Tree DD320), folding the trees along the “trunks” and gluing them together.

After Eight box Home for Christmas 1

Kaisercraft Materials: Papers: Home for Christmas Sugar Plum P1936 |  Paper Pad PP980 |  Collectables CT838 |  Decorative Die CC Tree DD320.


Generations is a super collection for creating layouts and albums with family photos. The collection also has a lot of nice papers, suitable for other projects.

“Cherished” Layout

The Generations Paper Pad has a super set of papers in soft colours. I created a layout with a photo of my best friend and me. The photo was taken this summer, and it is showing the view out of the Oslo fjord in the background.

Generations layout Cherished 1

I used a blue wooden paper as a background for the layout. I created layers, using papers,  collectables, metal and flowers. I also used gesso and stencils to create background effects.

Generations layout Cherished 4

Generations layout Cherished 2

Kaisercraft Materials: Paper Pad PP227 |  Clear stamps CS239 |  Collectables CT839 |  Ink Pad IP717 |  Paper Blooms: Grape F665 |  Clear Stickers Inspirational ST927 |  Stencils Christmas Quarters T623.

Other: Gesso, golden beads

I hope these collections inspire you.


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Beyond the Page Home Decor Layouts Stamps

A Celebration of Family

September 27, 2015

Time to reminisce with nostalgic wonder with our new “Generations Collection“. Bring some of your treasured family memories to life with these delicately designed papers and soft vintage touches. Step back in time to create your own family tree, something to treasure forever.

To celebrate Ancestors Appreciation Day, our Design Team have created some wonderful layouts and beyond the page projects featuring photos of their own family.

“Grandmother” layout By Anita Bownds

Grandmother layout By Anita Bownds (1)

Grandmother layout By Anita Bownds (3)

Kaisercraft materials: PP227 12×12 paper pad | CS239 Clear Stamps
CT839 Collectables | Km101 Kaisermist charcoal
T314 Double sided tape | CD101 kaisercard weave coconut

‘Grandfather’  by Collette Mitrega

I love how you can use stamps to ‘dance’ around your photos and page!


Kaisercraft Products: PP227 Generations Paper Pad | SS295 Sticker Sheet | CS239 Clear Stamp | CT839 Colectables |CB153 Corrugated Cardboard | ST918 Lacey Border Clear Stickers White |SB792 Chocolate | IP724 Ink Pad Bark | IP 719 Ink Pad Black

‘Family Tree’ Double Layout by Collette Mitrega

A ‘Family Tree Page’ is a must in everybody’s album. It is interesting collecting photos for the tree, don’t worry, if like me you are missing one, you can add it later when you track down one from family members! I am going to follow this page in my album with a double journal page, where I will write a little about each of the family. Think how treasured these pics and info will be. Well worth the effort!




Kaisercraft Products: PP227 Generations Paper Pad | SS295 Sticker Sheet | CS239 Clear Stamp | CT839 Collectables | IP724 Ink Pad Bark

Other: 2mm clear rhinestones | Green & Brown markers to colour frame

“Father” by Sonia Thomason

Kaisercraft Products: PP227 Paper Pad | SS295 Sticker Sheet | CT839 Collectables | ST928 Life Clear Stickers

“Mother”  by Evgenia K.


Kaisercraft Products: Generations – PP227 12×12 Paper Pad | CT839 Collectables | CS239 Clear Stamp | AS257 Alpha Stickers – Green | SB714 Pearls- Champagne

“Daughter”  by Cathy Cafun

Gen - Daughter LO

Kaisercraft Products: Generations – PP227 12×12 Paper Pad | CT839 Collectables | SS295 12×12 Sticker Sheet | DD504 Decorative Die – Doilies | KM105 Kaisermist – Turquoise | T621 Template – Damask Quarters | F662 Paper Blooms – Coral | F649 Mini Paper Blooms – Sage | Wooden Flourishes – FL474 Bees, FL445 Twig and Berries, FL337 Gates | ST918 Clear Stickers – Lacey Borders | Ink Pad – IP726 Island, IP727 Lagoon | T303 Foam Tape

Other:  twine, blossoms, pearl embellishments, crackle medium, ink

“Family” By Alicia McNamara


Kaisercraft Products:  PP227 12×12 Paper Pad |CT839 Collectables |SS295 12×12 Sticker Sheet | DD504 Decorative Die – Doilies | KM101 Kaisermist – Charcoal | IP724 Ink – Bark | SB792  Pearls – Chocolate | FL440 Wooden Flourishes – Hearts | SB725 Wooden Flourishes – Curls | EM 927 Lace- Cream

Other: Top Note Die


“Cherished Memories”  by Alison Bevis

G family tree

Kaisercraft products: PP227 12×12 Paper Pad |CT839 Collectables

Other: Black pen


“FAMILY TREE” Home Decor piece by Adriana Bolzon

Having your Family photos or Family Tree photos are a great way to create treasured family memories, and Kaisercraft have a great range of Home Decor projects ready to assemble. These can be a wonderful centre piece in your home. Here is my Beyond the page project created with the Family Tree MDF kit SB2059. The kit comes complete with the little oval tags and hooks to place on the tree. I made mine to be a decor piece and will add photos to it later.

Family Tree SB2059- Adriana Bolzon - Generations

Kaisercraft Products: SB2059 Family Tree Kit, PP227 12×12 Paper Pad |CT839 Collectables, Rhinestones SB776 Bronze, Mini flower blooms, F658 Dusty pink, F653 Ruby, F637 Aubergine

Other: Brown paint

“Grandmother” layout by Anna Zaprzelska


Kaisercraft Products: SB2059 Family Tree Kit, PP227 12×12 Paper Pad | CT839 Collectables,

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Beyond the Page Card Making Home Decor Layouts

September creations by Julia Akinina

September 21, 2015

Hello! Julia is here to share my new projects using beautiful and gogreous paper from September Kaisercraft release.


First collection ia generation. I love the colors of the paper, this collection is prfect for the family vintage layouts. I created LO about me with three photos, I think my photos match good to the style of this paper . I also loved the sheet of paper with big red roses, you can cut all of them and have a lot of additional images to the collectables pack.


Kaisercraft products: PP227 12×12? Paper Pad | CT839 Collectables | SS295 Sticker Sheet | EM417 – Distressed Photo Overlays | CD101 Coconut Weave Cardstock 12×12

Other: white cardstock die cuts.



Silver Bells Header

Silver Bells is my favorite collection of the moth, despite I’m not so good in the shabby chic style. But I tried to create something very clear and tender while I was creating my winter layout!


Kaisercraft products: P1931 Silver Bells – Frosty | PP979 Silver Bells Paper Pad | CT837 Silver Bells Collectables | EM425 Silver Bells Tag Pk | ST921 Clear Stickers – Seasons Greetings | SB700 Rhinestones – Silver | T624  12×12 Template – Festive Quarters

Other: border punch, white paper die cuts




Another project from this gorgeous collection is the greeting card. Love the colors and how great this paper matches with the kraft paper.


Kaisercraft products: P1933 Silver Bells – Good Wishes | PP979 Silver Bells Paper Pad| CS237 Silver Bells Stamp Set | SB700 Rhinestones – Silver | DD318 Card Creation Snowflake Card Flip

Other: wood texture cardstock, white embossing powder, vellum.




And here is my last project for today, it’s absolutely beautiful, because this is a star tree which I made from Kaiserkraft BTP – Star Tree. I used Home for Christmas collection, I loved to use it, I love the texture patterns on the paper and there are many beautiful collectables in the pack!I used a lot of them in this Christmas tree. I think I will use it to decorate the house for Christmas and to create the magical inspirational mood in my craft room.


Kaisercraft products: SB2382 BTP – Star Tree | P1936 Home for Christmas – Sugar Plum | P1938 Home for Christmas – Eggnog | P1940 Home for Christmas – Decoration | P1939 Home for Christmas – Mistletoe | P1937 Home for Christmas – Pinecones |  PP980 Home for Christmas 6.5″ Paper Pad | CT838 Home for Christmas Collectables | SB700 Rhinestones – Silver




Thank You


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Card Making Design Team Kaisercraft Layouts NEW Product Papercraft Tutorials Videos

Jingling all the way with Collette

September 18, 2015

Hi Kaisercrafters.


I cannot believe September is nearly gone already, can you?

I have been ‘Jingling all the way” this month creating Christmas projects with the newly released Christmas papers, they are just so adorable and I so love Christmas!

I wish I could stop singing Jingle Bells, and stop calling the lovely new collection “Silver Bells” – Jingle Bells! I had to re-do some of the videos I made for you a few times because I kept getting the name wrong. Annoying how some things just stick!

So here are a few of the projects I have been having fun with!

“Jingle Bells”


‘Baby Baubels’

Sometimes all you need for a layout are amazing papers and a great photo. This is such an easy and quick page to do, but I love it!


DSC_0391 Kaisercraft Products Used: P1930 Carol | P1932 Joy | P1929 Wonderland | CT 837 Collectables | RS305 Sparklet Words | IP726 Ink pad Island

Other Products Used: Border Punch | White Gesso | Crystalina Kindy Glitz | Blue marker | Vellum.

‘Oh Christmas Tree’

Did you know that you can emboss beautifully with Kaisercrafts Plastic Templates. Check out the video below to see how I did this and how I created this lovely card.


Kaisercraft Products Used: CD511 Card Pack C6 White | PP979 Paper Pad | CT837 Collectables | T623 Christmas Quarters Template.

Other Products Used: Glitter | Spray Adhesive | Fixative Spray | Silver marker | Satin Ribbon.

‘Step Card’

This is a card for a special person this Christmas. Looks impressive and hard to make,  but if you follow the steps in my video tutorial below, you will be making them in no time! Ho Ho!



Kaisercraft Products Used:  CD650 Smooth white cardstock | P1926 Good Tidings | P1929 Wonderland |P1930 Carol | P1933 Good Wishes.SS293 Sticker Sheet | CT837 Collectables | DD728 Decorative Die Christmas Trees.

Other Products Used : Crystalina Kindy Glitz | White ribbon.

‘Star Card’

At Christmas it is great to spend time with our ‘little’ loved ones. This is a favourite of mine and I love to sit down and make lots of these star cards with lots of little helpers! Put a little bowl of candy canes and a drink with a pretty straw on the table, and you will create hours of memories!

I have made a video for you on how to do this.



Kaisercraft Products Used: P1927 Baubles | P1929 | CS237 Clear Stamps | IP719 Black Ink Pad.

Other Products Used: Ribbon | Wooden Bead.


I love the vibrant red teamed with kraft in this collection and it has been perfect for many of my photos and cards.

‘Turkey Leg’

This is one of my sons favourite Christmas memories. Year after year, he looks forward to the turkey leg at Christmas Lunch. Capturing such memories is a joy!



Kaisercraft Products Used: P1943 Laurel | P1938 Eggnog | P1940 Decoration | P1942 Warm Wishes | PS429 Holly Wreath | SS294 Sticker Sheet | CT838 Collectables | Ink Pad IP724 Bark.

Other Products Used: Crystalina Kindy Glitz | Vellum

‘Step Card’

This card has the same card foundation as the step card video above….. I just used Kraft card and a different collection to decorate it!  Did you spot the Reindeer Die… cute is it?



Kaisercraft Products Used: CD651 Kraft Cardstock | P1935 Poinsettia | P1942 Warm Wishes | P1940 Decoration | P1936 Sugar Plum | Ink Pad IP724 Bark | SB712 Rhinestones Deep Yellow | SB711 Rhinestones Red | DD326 Decorative Die Reindeer.






Kaisercraft Products Used: Generations Collection. PP227 12×12″paper Pad | CT839 Collectables | SS295 Sticker Sheet | F632 Sage Paper Blooms | F649 Sage Mini Paper Blooms | CB153 Corrugated Cardboard | FL399 Wooden Flourishes Cogs | IP724 Ink Pad Bark | KM102 Kaiser Mists Antique Gold | T606 Template Bricks.

Other Products Used: Border Punch | Vellum.


This is a ‘left over’ card.  In my scrapbooking classes I encourage people to look at what is left after they have finished their page. In nearly every case, there is enough for a few cards. All the papers usually go together and there are always left over accessories! This is a leftover card which usually only takes about ten minutes to put together!


Kaisercraft Products Used: PP227 Paper Pad | SS295 Sticker Sheet | CT839 Collectables | IP724 Ink Pad Bark.

What a month of fun crafting, and singing! I am feeling very Christmassy!

I hope you are inspired and start ‘jingling all the way’ too!

Thanks for taking time out to look at my creations.



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