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Tuesday Tip: Flower Vines

May 31, 2011

Flower Vines By Karen Shady

Materials required:
1 pack of Kaisercraft paper blooms (must have wire stems).
Paper leaves with wire stems
Florist wire, florist tape, skewer, wire cutters.

1.    You need to have all your supplies ready, and on hand before beginning this project.

2.    Take 3 pieces of florist wire approximately 10-15cm in length, and wrap the top half of each around the skewer to form the tendrils.

3.    Begin with one of your tendrils, just below where the spiral stops, place the start of the florist tape, on a slight angle, and begin to twist it around the wire

4.    After a few twists, introduce one of the flowers, and repeat the twisting until the flower is secure, then add a leaf.  TIP: stretch the florist tape slightly while twisting, it will hold better on the wire

5.    Repeat this process, adding leaves, flowers and tendrils until happy with the overall look. Continue the florist tape to the end of the wire, and cut the end.

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