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Christmas cards from Evgenia Krapivina

September 21, 2016

Hello! Evgenia is here to show you the new project using awesome Kaisercraft collection.


 Kaisercraft products: Collectables CT863 Silent Night 6.5″ Paper Pad PP1004 |Decorative Die Layered Poinsettia DD720Decorative Die Stitched Hexagon DD773 KAISERmist White KM111 | Kraft Cardstock CD651 | Wooden Flourish Pack Festive FL582 | Wooden Flourish Pack Joy FL583 |

This time I used a collection of Silent Night.  I created a Christmas card in the traditional colors. As you can see for decorating cards I used handmade flowers.





8 9

I hope you enjoyed my project. A great day everyone!


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Card Making Design Team Kaisercraft Layouts

September Collections With Evgenia

September 2, 2015

Hello everybody! Evgenia here are the new projects with September collections.

Silver Bells Collection.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.12.10 am

Beautiful shabby collection is good for the children’s projects.

“Merry Christmas” a layout by Evgenia




Kaisercraft products:  | CT837 Collectables | EM425 Tag Pack | KM103 Yellow Mist | KM105 Turquoise Mist | KM106 Denim Mist | CS237 Clear Stamp  |  P1926 Good Tidings | P1930 Carol |PS428 Baubles Foil Specilaty | PP979 Silver Bells 6.5″ Paper Pad | Paper Doilies

Home For Christmas Collection.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.13.49 amTags will be an excellent complement to the present.







Kaisercraft products: PP980 6.5″ Paper Pad| P1935 ‘Poinsettia’ |  P1940 Decoration | CT838Collectables|  CD651 Kraft Cardstock 12×12 | EM426 Tag Pk | CS238 Clear Stamp | SB711 Rhinestones – Red | RS407 Rhinestones – Split Pea

Generations Collection

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.14.13 am

Unusual and beautiful vintage collection.

“Happy birthday” a card by Evgenia



Kaisercraft products: PP227 Paper Pad | CT839 Collectables | ST922 Clear Stickers – Happy Birthday

Evgenia x

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Beyond the Page Card Making Layouts

“Close UP” with Amanda, Adriana, Naomi & LindaE

November 14, 2014

“Amazing Smile” Layout by Amanda Baldwin

2014-11-02 14.10.53P1676 | Capture, PP955 | Paper Pad, CT812 | Collectables-Close Up!, SS264 | Close Up! – Sticker Sheet

Other: Doily, Ribbon, Gesso.

“You Together” Layout by Amanda Baldwin

2014-11-02 14.12.23P1677 | Develop, P1681 | Shutter, PP955 | Paper Pad, CT812 | Collectables-Close Up!, F651 | Mini Paper Blooms-Sunset, F634 | Paper Blooms-Sunset, ST908 | Epoxy Stickers-Sea Breeze.  

Other: Ribbon

“Mini Flip Album” by Amanda Baldwin

2014-11-03 18.52.20

2014-11-03 18.53.01

2014-11-03 18.51.54

2014-11-03 18.53.42 2014-11-03 18.54.26P1682 | Apperture, PP955 | Paper Pad, CT812 | Collectables-Close Up!, EM418 | Photo Overlays- Party Time! Other: Doily, Ring, & Ribbons.

“Capture” layout by Adriana Bolzon

Capture-layout-adriana bolzonPS375 Negative, PS376 Picture,  P1682 Apperture, P1678 Film, SS264 sticker sheet, CT812 Collectables, clear stamp CS191 Morocco..

 Other materials: inks, foam tape.

“Love Life” layout by Adriana Bolzon

layout-close up-adriana bolzon

layout-adriana bolzon-cloP1679 Lens, Black card stock, P1683 Fish eye, CT812 Collectables, PS376 Picture acetate, P1682 Apperture, Paper blooms Red fire FF664, Sea Breeze F631,  Clear stamp CS191 Morocco. FL461 Love wooden flourishes, SB777 Black rhinestones, paints, and inks, twine.

“Up Close” layout by Naomi Cox....

This range is seriously appealing to the retro girl within, old cameras and beautiful tones… love it.

DSCN3138 DSCN3142P1679 Lens, P1676 Capture, CT812 Collectables, Ornate frame FL368, Blossoms -resin flowers Dahlia EM969,Lattice Template T610, Pop up cards –


Me I am a sucker for a pop up book or card it is like a little ‘Surprise’ moment! So I made them so so easy to do.. promise

DSCN3151It is simple you just need to make two equal cuts either side of the centre fold… for these folded the card in half and made two cuts that were 1 inch either side of the fold and they were an inch apart.


 then folded it and attached embellishments… to make sure the embellishment was fully contained within the card I then attached it within a pretty card… DoneDSCN3146 DSCN3148 DSCN3149then I had some fun and did a polaroid type camera that was spitting out a tag… I just made a little incision on the camera and attached the tag… so cute. too cute to give away! sorry keeping them

DSCN3152Kaiser products used – Fish-Eye P1683, Capture -P1676, Collectables CT812, card stock White CD601

“Titanic Pump House” Layout – By Linda Eggleton



IMG_1606Close Up! – Lens paper P1679, Paper Pad PP955, Collectables CT812, Sticker Sheet SS264, Sage paper blooms F632, Sunset paper blooms F634, Buttercream paper blooms F629, Grid Stamp CS755, Tiny Dot stamp CS151, Arty Stamp CS879, Saffron Ink pad IP728, Lagoon Ink pad IP727, Vintage Ink pad IP723, Tangello Ink pad IP729, Sea Breeze alpha stickers AS255, Natural alpha stickers AS254, Ebony alpha stickers AS251, Black ink pad IP719

Other – Leaf punch, zipper, mists

“Do what you love – Love what you do” Canvas – By Linda Eggleton



IMG_1614Close Up! – Shutter paper P1681, Paper Pad PP955, Sticker Sheet SS264, Collectables CT812, Triangles Template T615, Crackle stamp CS876, Black Ink pad IP719, Lagoon Ink pad IP727, Saffron Ink pad IP728, Terracotta paper blooms F636, Honey paper blooms F628, Sage paper blooms F632, Honey mini paper blooms F645, Sage mini paper blooms F649.

Other – Canvas, leaf die & leaf punch, Flair button, distress ink

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Beyond the Page Card Making Layouts

“Off the Wall” with Adriana, Amanda, Linda E & Naomi

November 12, 2014

“OH BOY! ” layout by Adriana Bolzon

Off the Wall- layout1 - adriana bolzon Off the wall layout-adriana bolzon

Kaiser Materials used: – P1666 Loud, P1668 attitude, P1667 Game time, P1671 Rad, PS373 Superstar Diecut (reversed) SS263 sticker sheet, CS195 Clear stamp, CT811 Collectables, Bark ink IP724, T613 Stencil quarters, foam tape.

Other materials:  Distress tool, Black cardstock, Staples. 

“Sydney Harbour” Layout by Adriana Bolzon

Off the Wall- layout2 - adriana bolzonoffthe wall layout-adriana bolzon

Kaiser Materials used: – White cardstock, P1668 Attitude, P1670 Awesome, CT811 Collectables, SS263 Sticker sheet, CB153 Corrugated cardstock, wooden pegEM968 Blossoms Orchid, Script clear stamp CS752, foam tape.

Other Materials: – paints, die cuts leaves & flowers, twine.

“Hello Be-YOU-tiful card” by Adriana Bolzon

Off the wall card- adriana bolzonon

Kaiser Materials used: – Cardstock square, P1671 Rad, P1670 Awesome, CS195 Clear stamp, small white paper flower F644, Decorative Dies DD500 Script words, SS263 Sticker sheet.

Other materials: Bark ink IP724, twine, Vine punch, die cuts, wooden peg, foam tape, cream mesh tape.

“That’s My Boy” Layout by Amanda Baldwin

2014-11-02 13.56.47

P1671 | Rad, PP954 | Paper Pad, CT811 | Collectables-Off The Wall,

SS263 | Off The Wall-Sticker Sheet, P212 | Printed Tape-Arrows Black,

ST913 | Epoxy Stickers-Steel, EM418 | Photo Overlays-Party Time!, KC031 | Black.

“Little Star” Layout by Amanda Baldwin

2014-11-02 13.51.26

P1668 | Attitude, PP954 | Paper Pad, CT811 | Collectables-Off The Wall,

SS263 | Off Thev Wall-Sticker Sheet, T616 | 12 x 12 Template-Stars,

EM418 | Photo Overlays-Party Time!

Other: Gesso.

“You Rock” Card by Amanda Baldwin

2014-11-02 14.16.37

CD510 | Card Pack C6 Black, PP954 | Paper Pad, CT811 | Collectables-Off The Wall, FL433 | Wooden Flourishes-Moustache.

“1 Today” Male 1st Birthday Card by Amanda Baldwin2014-10-24 19.15.54

CD510 | Card Pack C6 Black, PP954 | Paper Pad, CT811 | Collectables-Off The Wall, SS263 | Off The Wall-Sticker Sheet, ST913 | Epoxy Stickers-Steel.

“#193” Layout – By Linda Eggleton


IMG_1600 IMG_1599

Off The Wall – Attitude paper P1668, Unique paper P1672, Awesome paper P1670, Wicked paper P1674, Superstar Specialty Diecut paper PS373, This Way Gloss Specialty paper PS374, Collectables CT811, Sticker Sheet SS263, Paper Pad PP954, Monochrome Epoxy Stickers ST911, Numbers (Medium) Decorative Dies DD305

Other – Punchinella, Flair Button, Gesso, Distress Ink, Mists, Cardboard Cylinder for stamping

“Rad” Card – By Linda Eggleton



“Hey You” Card – By Linda Eggleton



Off The Wall – Wicked paper P1674, Superstar Specialty Diecut paper PS373, Paper Pad PP954, Collectables CT811, Sticker Sheet SS263, Monochrome Epoxy Stickers ST911, Black Card Pack CD510, Black Ink Pad IP719

Other – Brad, Twine, Distress Ink

Off the wall – Naomi

Finding age appropriate paper is hard for the mum of a teenage boy, but not anymore enter ‘Off the wall’ meet my mud loving boy wonder! awesome.

Boys will be Boys – Naomi

Me I am a simple scrapbooker but don’t be fooled that I don’t agonise over it… I find the less you put on the harder it is because the placement is all about page balance. no pretty flowers, no bulk and no where to hide…

DSCN3126 DSCN3128 DSCN3129

Kaiser products used  – P1670 Awesome, Collectables CT811,bricks template T606, off the wall clear stamp, kaiser red and grey ink pads

Other products used – wooden stars

Check this out- Naomi


Kaiser products used – Attitude paper P1668, Unique paper P1672, P1670 Awesome, Collectables CT811, black paint 

Dance to your beat – Naomi

I am forever telling my girls that they can be anything do anything as long as they believe and work at it…. and they never disappoint, meet the ballet tutu wearing BMX rider.


Kaiser products used – Loud P1666, collectables CT818, red dot wash PT 211, ornate tape PT216, red paint KC 008, sea breeze paint KC 043, Sea breeze alpha AS255, Black Alpha Sticker MA522

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Beyond the Page Card Making Layouts

“Hello Today” with Adriana, Amanda, Linda. E & Naomi

November 11, 2014

Hello Today layout-adriana bolzon

Kaiser Materials used: – Hello Today  paper – P1661 Right Now, P1662 Nowadays, P1657 Present, SS261 Sticker sheet, CT810 Collectables, F635 Terracotta flowers, FL405 Leaf embellishment, CS script clear stamp, T613 Quarters stencil, kraft tags.

Other materials:  Foam Tape, Leaf Punches, inks, twine, cream lace, brads, metal elements, texture paste, paints.

“Bee Happy Card” by Adriana Bolzon

Hello today card- adriana bolzon

Hello Today - adriana bolzon card

Kaiser Materials used: –PP953 Paper Pad, cardstock.                                                   Other materials: Paints and inks vine punch, die cuts, foam tape, twine.

“Desk Top – 2015 calendar” by Adriana Bolzon

Hello Today - Calendar - adriana bolzon Hello Today 2- desk cal- adriana bolzonKaiser Materials used: – Cardstock Brown, P1665 New, P1664 Pod, PP1661 Right Now, SS260 sticker sheet, FF640 Fairy floss flowers.     Other materials: Foam tape, Vine punch, die cuts, Printable calendar 2o15.

“Hello” Layout by Amanda Baldwin

2014-11-02 14.15.25

P1657 | Present, PP953 | Paper Pad, CT810 | Collectables-Hello Today,

CM119 | 3 x 4″ Cards-Right Now, SS261 | Hello Today-Sticker Sheet.

“&” Layout by Amanda Baldwin

2014-11-02 14.17.55

2014-11-02 14.18.53

P1660 | Document, PP953 | Paper Pad, CT810 | Collectables-Hello Today,

CM119 | 3 X 4″ Cards-Right Now, SS261 | Hello Today-Sticker Sheet,

EM418 | Photo Overlays-Party Time!, ST913 | Epoxy Stickers-Steel.

“2015 Pocket Calendar” by Amanda Baldwin

2014-10-28 13.26.41

2014-10-28 13.28.42

2014-10-28 13.30.25

P1664 | Mod, CM119 | 3 x 4″ Cards-Right Now, ST909 | Epoxy Stickers-Natural,

PT212 | Printed Tape-Arrows Black, SS260 | Hello Today-Sticker Sheet,

SS261 | Hello Today-Sticker Sheet-Quotes.

Other: Ribbon & pen.

“Today” Card by Amanda Baldwin

2014-10-28 13.31.17

CD510 | Card Pack C6-Black, PP953 | Paper Pad, CT810 | Collectables-Hello Today, PT212 | Printed Tape-Arrows Black, CM119 | 3 x 4″ Cards-Right Now,

ST909 | Epoxy Stickers-Natural, EM926 | Lace Pack-White.

Other: Ribbon

“21st” Male Birthday Card by Amanda Baldwin

2014-10-18 15.03.17

CD510 | Card Pack C6 Black, PP953 | Paper Pad,

CT810 | Collectables-Hello Today, AS251 | Ebony, ST913 | Epoxy Stickers-Steel,

PT212 | Printed Tape-Arrows Black, KC031 | Black.

“Silo Magic” layout – By Linda Eggleton




Document P1660, Everyday P1663, Corrugated Cardboard CB153, Cork Sheet CB152, Captured Moments 3×4 Right Now cards CM119, Collectables CT810, Sticker Sheet SS260, Clear Stamps CS194, Paper Pad PP953, Black Ink Pad IP719, Tiny Dots stamp CS151, Honey Paper Blooms F628, Terracotta Paper Blooms F635, Sea Breeze Paper Blooms F631, Bark Ink Pad IP724, Ebony Alpha Stickers AS251

Other: Flowers, Flair Button, Die-cut Leaves, Stencil, Mists, Alpha Stickers, Button, Gesso.

“2015 Desk Calendar” – By Linda Eggleton













Right Now P1661, Present P1657, Mod P1664, Nowadays P1662, Paper Pad PP953, Captured Memories Right Now 3×4 cards CM119, Acetate Sticker Sheet SS262, Quotes Sticker Sheet SS261, Sticker Sheet SS260, Clear Stamps CS194, Corrugated Cardboard CB153, Collectables CT810, Film Strip Printed Tape PT210, Latte Pearls PL505, Black Rhinestones RS452, Love Life Photo Overlay EM419, Terracotta Paper Blooms F635, Terracotta Mini Paper Blooms F652, Honey Mini Paper Blooms F645, Black Ink Pad IP719, Grid Stamp CS755, Botanical Odyssey Butterfly Stamp CS861, Chipboard CB154

Other: Flowers, 2Crafty Chipboard, Butterfly Punch, Die-cut & punched leaves, Archival ink, Gelatos, Buttons, Distress Ink


and Hello today to you… This is going to be one of the most used ranges next year, I love everything about it. Colours, calendars, collectables the works.

‘Together u & me’ layout  by Naomi Cox

the neutral colours allow little pops of brighter colours

DSCN3122 DSCN3124

P1657 – Present / Collectables – CT810 / Ornate wooden frame  -FL366 / Red card stock – CD608 / Mini Paper blooms Cranberry – F655

other product – thread, misc chipboard lettering

‘details,details, details’ layout by Naomi Cox



Mod – P1664 / Nowadays – P1662 / Document – P1660, Everyday – P1663 / Collectables – CT810 / Cardstock Fern weave – CD118

‘iphone’ layout by Naomi Cox

I kid you not I have bought 12 of these to go in my project life next year… To used all my instagram photos from my phone. I love it, I really love Hello Today “latest” such an easy way to wrap up a month in photos

DSCN3117 DSCN3112

 P1659 – Latest / Collectables – CT810 / New – P1665

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