Double trouble!!

September 10, 2009

Double the fun – that’s what double layouts are about! More embellishments, more photos and more supplies…but generally a lot of us find ourselves stuck – MORE hard work!

Too often we find ourselves scrapping one photo per page and we’re becoming more and more inclined to scrap single page layout.
We’ve talked about multiple photo layouts before, but what better than to use up a ton of photos from a special day or event that scrapping a double page layout!

Join us today and see just a few ideas our design team has shared….

First up is Nikki Antonello’s summery layout in Offshore. Three repeated photos, a clever layered ‘water droplets’ covering the two pages and clever ‘patterned paper’ blocking completes this layout.

Offshore - Nikki Antonello

Next up is Elizna’s gorgeous double page layout….

Duchess - Elizna Parsons

Elizna also shares a few of her tips for creating amazing double page layouts!

A double layout is a lot op paper to cover…you have to think about what you want and plan your layout.

Draw a little sketch of what you have in mind…remember to take the size/length of you title into concideration when drawing your sketch.

Decide on enough photos {between 4 and 8 is a good number} for you double layout….depending on your scrapping style.

Use at least one photo in a bigger size – 5″ x 7″ is a nice size for an enlargement for a double layout

If you do not have lots of photos, but you still want to scrap a double layout, either make a bigger open/white border around your layout or do a simplistic layout with lots of “open” space. It is OK to have open/white space on your layout…it gives some breathing space for all the photos and journaling that you are going to add to your page.

{Remember “white” space is not necessarily white….it can be coloured or printed paper….but with little or no embellishments or photos}

When positioning your photos, either group them tightly together or leave even borders between your photos. This helps to make the layout looks “neat” and fitting together as a unit. When there are uneven open spaces between photos and all over the page it start looking “untidy” and you dont know how to fill all those uneven gaps and spaces.

Only use embellishments and adornments that “fit” and enhance your theme. Unnecessary “clutter”, for the sake of filling up the page,  will make your page look too busy.

Choose paper ranges that works nicely with your photos and choose matching colours. A double layout can quickly look “too much” if you have too many patterns, textures and colours that do not work together as a whole…

Remember: SIMPLIFY when doing a double layout …………….. this way the photos remain the focus and that is what we want!!

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  • Reply Pam September 10, 2009 at 4:00 am

    love both these layouts!!

  • Reply rona September 10, 2009 at 7:55 am

    Fantastic layouts Nikki and Elizna :-)

  • Reply Samantha September 10, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    oh these are FANTASTIC!!! i so agree on keeping it simple with double LO’s the Photos are everything on the LO….not that i don’t love my eye candy, but we all stray a little from the Jucie bits of a LO, which are the Photos and Journalling :D Great work Ladies :D

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