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2017/2018 Kaisercraft Design Team’s Creative Space Tour!

August 9, 2017

Do you love peeking in at other people’s Creative Spaces?  Do you enjoy looking at someone’s Creative Space to see how they organise all their crafty materials and like getting storage ideas?  If you said “yes!” to either of these questions then this is the post for you! Today we are venturing inside some of our Design Team’s Scrapping Rooms, Corners and Cupboards to see where they work and how they organise their materials.

How exciting! Are you ready…let’s take a look…


 Creative Space ~ Rikki Graziani

I recently changed the layout of my room to make ”zones” in aim to be more productive, this is the IT zone……

I love these frames from Ikea, I change out the layout whenever I need some fresh inspiration.

My Video zone, where I film my process video with loads of natural lighting and my light box is my best investment yet, having the option to take photos of layout when its dark is great…..

Paper storage which are made by my Darling Hubby, with some stick on hooks for my stencils near my mixed media trolley.

My newest investment, from Kmart…. a fridge organiser that I use for all my Kaisercraft Stamps, Embossing Folders and Paper Pads. I love this as it makes tidy up great and its just there on hand for when ever I need it.

Thanks for looking at my space, hope it inspires you all. Rikki xxxxxxx

Creative Space ~ Kylie Kingham

I recently purchase this storage unit from Kmart for my Kaiser Mists.It is the perfect fit for them all! I usually keep any loose flowers in the screw top jars next to this unit.

This is one of two desks I have. I usually do all my editing and uploading on my laptop here.I scored this tall paper storage unit from a scrapbooking store and it has been the best for keeping my loose papers in.

I store all of my stencils here on these hooks.

This is my second desk and where I create all my projects as well as photograph and film thanks to the natural light.

It is rarely this tidy!

Thanks for stopping by!

Kylie xo

Creative Space ~ Alicia McNamara

My Creative Space by Alicia McNamara

I am lucky to have my own craft room in our current house.  We have lived in many different houses and sometimes I have been blessed with a craft room and sometimes I haven’t.  On one wall in the room I have a white cube shelf with colourful Kaisercraft products out on display.  I purchased the little shelf from Spotlight.  On either side of the shelf I have two organisers where I store the current collections for the month.  The organisers are a Kaisercraft Beyond the Page Kits that I made up myself.

My Creative Space by Alicia McNamara

On the cube shelving I have everything tucked away in boxes.  The white boxes and magazine holders are from Ikea.  The pink boxes are from Bunnings.

My Creative Space by Alicia McNamara

I have a round table in the centre of the room that I work on.  I keep this tin on the table with the tools I am always reaching for.  The tin and the mug are from K-mart.

My CreativeSpace by Alicia McNamara

I keep some of my layouts and cards up for ideas and inspiration.  I peg them to the blinds on the window.  Then I change them as I make new ones.  I find these really helpful to look at when I am starting a new Layout or a Card.

My Creative Space by Alicia McNamara

On the other side of the room I have another shelf filled with boxes for storage.  On top of this shelf I keep my die cutting tools, current stamps and my sewing machine.

I wish I could say my space is always this tidy, but that would be a complete lie.  I’m glad I took the photos to prove that I can clean this room up lol!  I often have multiple projects going on in this room and there often isn’t time to clean up in between, well thats what I tell myself anyway!

I filmed a video tour of my craft room if you would like to take a look…

Alicia : )

Creative Space – Donna Espiritu

My little craft space is in our bedroom since we have a very limited space in our home. I used to have a separate room for my things but we moved (and moving again in a month!) and I had to be really creative how I store my things.

I got the shelves, table, and cabinet in a “garage sale” of a sort.  I just covered the table with pink contact paper (but will change it to white soon) to hide the old gray surface. If you will look closely, my Silhouette Cameo machine is peeking under the table which I covered with an old soft cloth.

Before, I used recycled shoe boxes to store little things/embellishments like flowers, stamps, stickers, buttons, paints, mists, etc. (Basically everything). Then, I recently bought these white, teal and transparent plastic storage bins to make it more organized and a bit presentable. I am still thinking how to store my papers but for now, this is how I keep them in one place. The others I am not using, were in the brown cabinet/drawer.

I like that I can see through the transparent boxes and easy access to the flowers, stencils, and metal dies.

I have a couple of mini drawers storing most of my inks, stamps and other knick-knacks. The IKEA Raskog trolley stores a hodgepodge of mixed media, watercolors, planners and other stuff like coloring books, rulers, trimmers and lots of crochet/sewing threads (lowest bin, stored in cookie tins). The pink, battered box stores my photo papers and stickers sheets.

Not pictured here, but I have a white poster board I use when I take photos of my projects. I use natural light as much as possible (no flash). I use the boxes that some of my DT kits came with (pizza boxes mostly) to store my finished layouts. I always keep my space clean and clutter free since I have a toddler daughter who likes to “borrow” mommy’s toys. I hope when she gets a bit older, we’ll be able to play together!

That’s all from me and I hope you had fun taking a peek at my humble creative space! :)

xo Donna xo

Creative Space ~ Renee Aslette

I am super lucky to have my own craft room.  Somewhere I can work, close the door and leave the mess behind for another day.

My room had disaster hit in March, when Cyclone Debbie came to visit where I live and the downstairs of my house flooded, including my craft room.  We did our best to take all my crafty bits upstairs but we are still waiting for repairs to be done.  So this is my yet to be renovated room.

I have a large corner desk my husband made for me.  My video webcam is suspended above that area for easy video recording.

This is where the editing magic happens.  I print all my photo’s from this desk and all the process video editing.

As you can probably tell, my favourite colour is yellow.  That hot air balloon is one of my favourite accessories.  It is a mini candle holder.  My peg board has some inspirational quotes and gifts from friends.

I have two large book cases that hold my flowers, embellishments, paints & inks, stamps, die cuts, paper and silhouette machine.

Everything in my room is organised in colours.  I have boxes and containers of things in colour order.  I would like to think I am a very organised person.

This is not the way the book case is usually organised, but after the flooding not everything has gone back in.  One of my favourite items to use in my room is my typewriter.  The top shelf is buttons and flowers behind.  The second shelf is the stamp storage.

So thanks for coming on a tour of my room.  It isn’t perfect but it is my space.  Looking forward to having my room fixed, repainted, and everything back into its normal place.

Renee xxx

Creative Space ~ Jowlina Nolte

it may surprise a lot of people but I don’t have my own dedicated space. I am however fortunate enough to have a space where I can create and make a mess.
This is the cleanest it has been for years just in case you were wondering. A key factor for me is having things in tubs and behind closed doors. Not everything is behind doors but the bulk of my stash is. It helps keep the clutter at bay, and although I would love a beautiful space to display all my work my personality won’t allow for it.

My table area is to one side of our living room. You can just see my table peeking out. Newly built as of 3 years ago is this recycled cupboard we moved from the bedroom to an alcove in the lounge. It fitted perfectly. The nice thing is that we could customize an ugly duckling into something beautiful. I painted the white melamine with chalk paint and waxed it in dark and clear wax.

The cupboard has custom drawers in it – made out of shelves and filled with old ammunition shipping crates. Each drawer has a different creative handle on it for fun.

inside the crates I store odds and ends and some clear stamps in calendar cases. I still need to sort and label a lot of them…

Next to the drawers my DH created this slider door. We cut 2 doors to create the small door and inside are sliders with baskets that house all or most of my bottles, sprays, mists, paint and inks.

Behind the doors are embellishments, cardstock, project life, extra embellishments, Bible Journaling, tools and lots of other stuff.

I purchased this old bank trolley from a scrap yard and painted it in white chalk paint. The drawers hold my most used tools and things like ink, acrylic blocks, rulers, diamante, cutting machine plates, pens, adhesives etc. On top is my command center with my clipboards keep track of deadlines and dates and some mugs with pencils and pens for a quick reach. And some pretty fresh flowers to keep me inspired. Next to this trolley is another one with my tools and things I use even more as well as some to do projects.

To the left of my blue cupboard is a grey cupboard also painted in chalk paint. This is my ink and technique cupboard.
Everything that has to do with inks and techniques is housed here. Its also right next to my table so very convenient. At the very top and bottom is a rainbow color coded arrangement
that adds some order to the chaos.

And to the left of my technique cupboard is an old brown tool cupboard from my grandfather – that is going to be my Kaisercraft cupboard – but still a work in progress.
Thanks for taking a look – its not perfect, but it is my happy place and where I spend hours being creative and making a mess. Its perfect for me and it definitely is a working space.


Oh my!! So many beautiful crafty spaces in this post today!! Have you been inspired to clean up your craft room lol! If only they stayed tidy! But can creativity and neatness work together? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.  Pop on over to Kaisercraft Corner…we are going to be sharing our Creative Spaces and we would love to see yours! Messy or tidy we promise not to judge!!

Happy Crafting : )

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  • Reply Elaine August 9, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    Wow, wow, wow! Such amazing spaces and fabulously organised. That’s for sharing your awesome spaces.

    • Reply Alicia McNamara August 9, 2017 at 9:36 pm

      Thank for your comment Elaine : )

    • Reply Jowilna August 10, 2017 at 2:48 pm

      Thanks Elaine…i love looking at people’s creative spaces and find inspiration to try and stay tidy and organised.

  • Reply Julie August 9, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Thanks for the peek ladies ???? So interesting to see how everyone organizes with different sized spaces to work in.

    • Reply Julie August 9, 2017 at 5:29 pm

      Those ??? were a heart emoji that didn’t translate :(

      • Reply Alicia McNamara August 9, 2017 at 9:37 pm

        It is interesting isnt it…almost like each space says a little bit about your personality too…everyone has their own colour schemes and systems that work for them.

    • Reply Jowilna August 10, 2017 at 2:50 pm

      We can’t all have dedicated craft rooms – I love seeing how people adapt to their circumstances and spaces. Thanks for looking ????

  • Reply Rosemary Hanson August 9, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Awesome spaces ladies!! I try to keep my stuff in containers that I can cart around for retreats! But I can’t carry anything too heavy so I have lots of smaller ones!!

    • Reply Alicia McNamara August 9, 2017 at 9:39 pm

      Thats a great idea Rosemary – then you dont have to pack or unpack for retreats…plus you can move to any room in the house you like and create. I could use that.

    • Reply Jowilna August 10, 2017 at 2:51 pm

      Wow great idea.

  • Reply deb b August 12, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love all your creative spaces, I don’t have enough room to swing a cat in my house, so I envy you all. xx

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