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Kavitha Layouts

Havana Nights Layout by Kavitha

January 22, 2018


Hello everyone!!

Today i am sharing a layout with “Havana nights” collection.This collection has beautiful mix of different colors and patterns

which gives you endless possibilities.

The tile pattern is my favorite from the lot,i decided to highlight it on my layout.I cut a large tile of 8 inches as the base

of my composition and cut few smaller ones in 2 inches,matted them

on black cardstock and adhered it using foam tape.

For embellishing i used some fussy cut flowers and leaves along with the collectables.I have also added some smaller patterns

from the collectables randomly using foam tape for added interest.

Kaisercraft Products: Havana nights 12*12 paper: P2451 Tropic |P2452 mosaic tiles|P2455 Lush | P2456 Tiled | CT897 Collectables | ITO29 Mini designer template – screen | SB796 Pearl green | T302 Foam Dots | T303 Foam Tape.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy crafting,



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Beck Beattie Collections Design Team Layouts Multiple photo layout

Multi photo layout with Beck Beattie

January 19, 2018

Hi Everyone, it’s Beck Beattie here to share with you a multiple photo scrapbook page.  When I had the honour of joining the team one of the requests I had was to see some scrapbook pages that featured a number of photos.

While going through some old photos, I found some that were taken by my mother in-law on one of her last trips before she passed.  I thought how nice would it be to have some of these photos captured on scrapbook pages.  I’m honestly not sure of where exactly they are taken, but she took them and that makes them special to us.

I enjoyed layering some of the papers along with stickers from the sticker sheet to create a masculine look for this page.  This seemed perfect with the photos being of some of the big trucks out on the mines in the outback.  For additional interest I raised various areas to create a little more dimension to the page.

I hope you enjoyed my share which featured a multiple photo scrapbook page.  A sure fun way to get a number of pictures onto your page.

Happy Crafting!

Beck Beattie

Kaisercraft Products: Documented Collection – P2460 Library Ephemera | P2463 Notebook Ledger | P2465 Pencils | SS355 Sticker Sheet – Documented 

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Documented Jowilna Nolte Layouts Templates

Documented Layout with hints of colour by Jowilna Nolte

January 18, 2018

Hi everyone, Jowilna here on the blog today sharing a Documented layout with a hint of colour. I simply love this range but wanted to add a touch of colour.

I started off creating my mixed media inked background using re-inkers.
The effect left a hint of cream, yellow, a beautiful grey and even some blue and green colours visible once the ink had dried.

A variety of Collectables elements added the yellow tones and for the blue/green I added some scrunched up thread under my photo.
This multicoloured thread gave me the interest and hint of colour I craved.

A couple of coloured splats offers the accent colours support and makes for a nice detail.

Mini Typography stenciled detail works well on the background. I could have added the stenciled details in a colour come to think of it.
It just shows you how versatile this range is – perfect for everyday moments, school days, vintage, heritage and boys.

Thanks for stopping by today. We hope you have enjoyed seeing the versatility of this range as showcased by the Design Team the last couple of weeks.
Some more amazing designs heading your way with this month’s ranges…so come back soon.
Live Creatively – Jowilna!

Kaisercraft products: Documented Collection – P2461 Measurement | P2466 Qwerty | CT898 Collectables | IT030 Typography Mini Template | PL501 White Pearls
Other: Re-inkers, thread, sewing machine, watercolour paint

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Card Making Layouts NEW Product Product Highlight Templates

5 Creative Tips for Using Kaisercraft Templates

January 17, 2018

Do you love the Templates Kaisercraft bring out every month?  Would you like some tips on using Kaisercraft Templates? Today the Design Team are demonstrating 5 Tips for using Templates and their accompanying creative projects.

New Kaisercraft Templates

Have you seen the gorgeous new Templates released this month?

IT458 – Floral

IT030 – Typography

IT029 – Screen

5 Creative Tips for Using Kaisercraft Templates

Tip #1 ~ Adding Dimension to the Background with a Template

”Living the Dream” Layout ~ By Rikki Graziani

I love using my templates with white ink to add dimension to the background – it mimics the die cut adding dimension.

Kaisercraft Products: Havana Nights Collection: P2455 Lush | P2459 Clay | SS354 Sticker Sheet | CT897 Collectables FL616 Flourish Pack Tropics | DD806 Cut out Patterns Decorative Die| IT029 Screen Mini Template | Other: White ink

Tip #2 ~ Creating a Soft, Random Edge with a Template

”Congratulations” Card ~ By Kylie Kingham

A handy tip to remember when using your templates with any medium is to not follow the straight edges of the template.By keeping your medium spread randomly away from the edge ensures a lovely soft effect for your project.

Kaisercraft Products: Documented- P2461 Measurement | SS355 Sticker Sheet | CS319 Clear Stamps | PP1036 Paper Pad | CT898 Collectables | IT030  Typography Template | IP719 Black Ink Pad | CD510 Black 

Other: Modeling Paste, Brown Ink Mist.

Tip #3 ~ Decorate the Background of a Layout with a Template

Tips for Using Templates - Layout by Alicia McNamara

“So Gorgeous” Layout ~ By Alicia McNamara

Tips for Using Templates - Layout by Alicia McNamara

It is easy to create a personalised and unique background for your layout when using Kaisercraft Templates and Inks.

Tips for Using Templates - Layout by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Products: P2454 Balmy | SS354 Sticker Sheet | PP1035 Paper Pad | CT897 Collectables | FL616 Flourish Pack – Tropics | IT458 Floral Template | DD469 Decorative Die – Hanami Flowers | CD140 Card Stock – Candy | IP725 Ink Pad – Petal Pink | SB701 Rhinestones – Soft Pink | SB710 Rhinestones – Orange | BRB606 Organza Ribbon | Other: Sparklets | 

Process Video:

Tip #4 – Create Colour, Texture, and Pattern with a Template

“Perfect Day” Layout ~ By Jowilna Nolte

Use a Template to create colour, texture, and pattern for a layout – you need nothing else to make a beautiful layout. This can be rewarding, economical and creative.

I used my template to create my flowers with and then arrange them to create a field of shimmering flowers acting as patterned paper.
I mixed texture paste with liquid pearls to create a paste in 3 different colours. The cut out flowers can be arranged as you desire and to suit your needs.

A few rhinestones in the centers of the flowers can add dimension and also dresses them up a bit for variety.

As supporting embellishments I used my Collectables pack for additional flowers, leaves, and words.
A few smaller stamped flowers scattered on the background adds delicate details.

Kaisercraft Products: Havana Nights Collection IT458 Floral Template | IT029 Screen Mini Template | CT897 Collectables | DD970 Cutting Die & Stamp – Tropics
Other: White smooth cardstock, Rhinestones, graphite pencil, texture paste, liquid pearls.


Tip #5 – Mixing Paint and Modeling Paste

“Lovely Moment” Layout ~ By Donna Espiritu

One way to add interesting background is by using a template and modeling/texture paste. Want to level it up? Mix the paste with paint, mists or watercolor. Just like what I did with my scrapbook layout.

I also didn’t mix it thoroughly, leaving subtle “white streaks” or “pale shade of pink” to some parts

I also splattered different colors of mists for more texture



Kaisercraft Products: Havana Nights Collection – P2451 Tropic | PP1035 Paper Pad | SS354 Sticker Sheet | IT458 Floral Template | CT897 Collectables | CD101 Coconut Cardstock |
Other: Doily | Texture paste | Thread | Yellow, Red, Pink Mists


Now it’s over to you, what amazing Tips do you have for using Kaisercraft Templates?  We love to hear your ideas and see your creations.  Please tag #Kaisergallery or share your designs at Kaisercraft Corner.

Happy Creating : )

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Documented Layouts

7 Ideas for featuring “The Alphabet” with Kaisercraft’s Documented Collection

January 10, 2018

Have you purchased Kaisercraft’s New Documented Collection yet? Are you loving it?  It features the Alphabet Theme in a variety of creative ways.

Today the task for our Design Team was to come up with some amazing projects utilising the Alphabet in their designs…


1 – Creating a Title with the Alphabet

“Boys will be Boys” ~ By Kylie Kingham

Kaisercraft Products: P2460 Library Ephemera | P2461 Measurement | P2463 Notebook Ledger |  P2464 Chalkboard | P2465 Pencils | SS355 Sticker Sheet | CT898 Collectables | IT030 Typography Mini Template | DD807 Mini Card Pocket Decorative Die | DD448 Mini Cogs. 

Other: Alpha cut file, Archival Ink, Mist Spray.

2 – Creating a Background Feature with the Alphabet

”Collect Moments… ” Layout By Rikki Graziani


Kaisercraft Products: Documented Collection: P2456 Notebook Ledger | P2464 Chalkboard | SS355 Sticker Sheet | PP1036 Paper Pad | CT898 Collectables |DD807 Mini Card Pocket Decorative Die

3 – Creating Texture with the Alphabet

“The Best Ever Friends” Layout By Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Documented Layout by Alicia McNamara Featuring the Alphabet

Kaisercraft Documented Layout by Alicia McNamara Featuring the Alphabet


Kaisercraft Documented Layout by Alicia McNamara Featuring the Alphabet

Process Video Below:

Kaisercraft Products: P2461 Measurement | P2464 Chalkboard | P2465 Pencils | P2467 Scrap Paper | P2468 Desktop | CS319 Clear Stamps | CT898 Collectables | FL617 Flourish Pack – Classroom | IP719 Ink Pad – Black | IT459 6×6 Designer Template – Stencil Words | DD807 Decorative Die – Mini Card Pocket | DD798 Decorative Die – Cut Out Textures | KC001 Kaiser Colour Paint – White | Other: Texture Paste | Charcoal Misting Spray |

4 – Embossing with the Alphabet

“Do What Makes You Happy Tag” by Cathy McGrath


Kaisercraft Products: PP1036 Documented Paper Pad |CT898 Collectables|CS319 Clear Stamps| Cardstock – CD651 Kraft and CD101 Coconut | Embossing Folder- EF281 Alpha |T321 Craft Glue| T302 Mounting Foam

Other: Hemp | Distress Ink | Size 8 Tag

5 – Inking with the Alphabet

“Your Best Day Tag” by Cathy McGrath

Kaisercraft Products: PP1036 Documented Paper Pad |CT898 Collectables|CS319 Clear Stamps| Cardstock – CD651 Kraft and CD101 Coconut | Mini Designer Template- IT030 Typography |T321 Craft Glue| T302 Mounting Foam

Other: Hemp | Distress Ink | Size 8 Tag

6 – Layering with the Alphabet

“Cute Boy” Layout by Kavitha

Kaisercraft Products: P2468  Desktop | P2463 Notebook ledger | P2465 Pencils | P2461 Measurement | CT898 Collectables| FL617 Flourish Pack – Classroom  | Mini Designer Template – IT030 Typography |T321 Craft Glue| T302 Mounting Foam


7 – Creating Mixed Media with the Alphabet

“Explore, Dream, Discover” Layout by Donna Espiritu

Kaisercraft Products: P2464  Chalkboard | PP1036 Documented Paper Pad | CT898 Collectables| FL614 Flourish Pack – Provincial  | Mini Designer Template – IT030 Typography | SS355 Documented Sticker Sheet| SB792 Chocolate | SB789 China | F628 Paper Blooms – Honey | IP723 Vintage | IP724 Bark | T321 Craft Glue

Other: Doily | Thread | Coffee, Charcoal, and Apple Mists | Modeling Paste



How will you use the Alphabet products in this collection? Be sure to share your ideas with us by tagging #Kaisergallery or uploading into Kaisercraft Corner.

We look forward to seeing your creations!

Happy Crafting : )

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