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Planner Spreads – Get New Year Ready!

January 3, 2018

Welcome to 2018 here on the Kaisercraft Blog!  Happy New Year to you!

Christmas is complete, the decorations are getting packed away and the Design Team is opening their fresh new Planners and getting organised for a wonderful New Year!

Do you like to keep a Paper Planner?  Do you jot down important events, appointments, birthdays in your planner? Do you like to journal the day’s events so you can keep a track of your life? Even in this digital world, many people love to put pen to paper and physically record events.  Today the Design Team have prepared some inspiring December Planner Spreads.  We promise they will get you motivated to decorate your new year…


‘January Planning’ by Kylie Kingham

Kaisercraft Products: Havana Nights- SS354 Sticker sheet | PP1035 Paper Pad | CT897 Collectables | DD7


”Always Believe ” Planner By Rikki Graziani



Kasiercraft Products: Documented Collection: PP1036 Paper Pad | SS355 Sticker Sheet | CT898 Collectables | FL617 Flourish Pack Class Room

“Chirp Planner – January” By Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner by Alicia McNamara

January – Month at A Glance

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner by Alicia McNamara

January – Week #1

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner by Alicia McNamara

January Week #2

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner by Alicia McNamara

January Week #3

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner by Alicia McNamara

January Week #4

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner by Alicia McNamara

January Week #5

Below is a Process Video showing how I set up my Planner for January : )

Kaisercraft Products: Large Planner – Chirp | Sticker Book – Chirp | Kaiser Colour Coloured Pencils – 36 Pack | Kaiser Colour Gel pens – 48 Pack

“January Monthly Planner” By Renee Aslette

Kaisercraft Products: SA054 Planner Navy with Rose Gold Foil Accent | PP1035 Havana Nights – Paper Pad | CT897 Havana Nights Collectables | P2458 Havana Nights – Exotic | FL616 Havana Nights – Flourish Pack | DD700 Decorative Die – Alphabet Uppercase | CS318 Clear Stamps – Havana Nights | IP731 Ink Pad – Berry | IP728 Ink Pad – Saffron | IP721 Ink Pad – Gum Leaf | PT231 Glitter Tape – Hot Pink

Other Products: Jane Davenport – Mermaid Marker – Squid Ink


“January Planning” By Donna Espiritu


Kaisercraft Products: Havana Nights Collection – PP1035 Paper Pad | CT897 Collectables | P2451 Tropics | P2452 Mosaic Tile | P2453 Ferns | SS354 Stickers | AS251 Ebony

Other Products: A5 Planner | Doily | Sticker Paper (printed monthly and daily dates)

“January Planning” By Jowilna Nolte

Kaisercraft Products: Havana Nights Collection – PP1035 Paper Pad | SA063 Adhesive Notes – Noted | KS053 K Style Planner – Chic
Other: Paper Clips | Die-cuts | Glitter Cardstock


Have you seen Kaisercraft’s great range of Planners and accessories on the Kaiser Style Website?  It’s a great place to shop for all your Planning needs.  Have you already begun decorating your planner? Remember to share it with us by tagging #Kaisergallery or uploading your photos into Kaisercraft Corner.  Let’s motivate each other to be 2018 organised and pretty!

Happy Planning!

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Creative Planning with Kylie.

June 21, 2017

Hello friends! It’s Kylie back with you all today to chat about one of my most favourite things! Planning! Kaisercraft have just released some new planners.Have you seen them?? You totally need to check them out here on the Kaiserstyle website.

It was a difficult choice as the planners are all so lovely but I decided on the large Bloom planner.I fell in love as soon as I saw it!

Now, whilst I was browsing, I also discovered the ‘Bloom’ sticker book-

 Umm hello!

You get so many stickers……I’m talking over 1000! Once my planner arrived I quickly realised how the new Daydreamer collection was also a perfect match! Now these planners are beautiful as they are, but I decided to add in a little bit of Daydreamer to my pages. They are a great styled planner for your day to day scheduling but also could be used for memory planning.So here today I thought I would share how I have personalised mine so far for June.Let’s take a tour-

The monthly dashboards that come with your planner are a beautiful print.Here above I have added some layered papers and collectables from the Daydreamer collection.You can see how they match beautifully!Each month begins with a journaling page for goals and priorities in the month ahead.

There is a monthly view page for each month.I love this type of set up as I can see all of my month at a glance.

I think week one of June really showcases how well the Daydreamer collection works in this planner.I have cut a few of the quote cards out and used them layered at the start of the month as well as on the dashboard I made.I LOVE the gold foil on this! I have also cut one of the small calendars from P2340 LUCKY. Great for having the monthly dates at a glance.

 I add a strip of paper down each left page side for added colour to my pages.The number and alpha stickers add to the page as well.Kaisercraft have a great colour range in these and again you get so many.

These pages are ‘before the pen’ but you can see how I have included some of the Daydreamer stamps for fun.

Here you can see a slim line page mark I made.These are a great practical tool for finding the page you are needing quickly.

I also created a pocket dashboard from more of the papers.These are great for storing receipts,photos or other important documents you need to keep handy.

The final page each month in the planner is a ‘Month in Review’ page.I really like this as a memory keeping tool.Great to be able to add a photo as well.

So there we have it.I hope my post today gives you lots of inspiration towards creative planning.Until next time,

Kylie xoxo

Kaisercraft Products: P2334 Playful | P2335 Whimsical | P2336 Muse | P2337 Mischievous | P2338 Yolo | P2339 Cute | P2340 Lucky | P2341 Curios P2342 Stargaze | PS495 Happy Moments Rose Gold Foil | SS341 Sticker Sheet | CS303 Clear Stamps | CT884 Collectables | AS264 Sea Green number stickers | AS256 Coral Aplha Stickers | KSo63 Large A5 Bloom Planner | Bloom sticker book.

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Tuesday Tutorial Trio with Alicia : )

February 9, 2016

Hello beautiful Kaisercrafters! Alicia here with you and today its Tutorial Tuesday.  I am sharing three tutorials; A Beachy Layout,  some February Journal Planner Inspiration and a video on the new Kaisercraft Colour Gel Pens and Colouring Books!! Its an exciting post! So make yourself a cup/glass of something, relax…and take a look!

Tutorial One – Beachy Layout

The gorgeous Coastal Escape Collection is perfect for scrapping all your lovely beachy photos from Summer.  These are the steps I took to make a layout of my beautiful niece at the beach.


Step One – Choose your photos and your Colour Focus

 I just happened to have this lovely photo already printed and waiting in my cupboard for the right papers.  This little girl lives in the country and doesn’t make it to the beach very often at all…but she does have a real love for the beach and on this particular day she was having a lovely time collecting shells.  She just so happened to be wearing a blue dress which stood out to me as a dominant colour in the photo and the sand, her skin tone and her hair colour were all neutral colours surrounding the blue of the dress.  Also there are some lighter blue flowers in her dress so I chose three colours for this layout; a dark blue, a light blue and a neutral sandy colour.  I chose papers to reflect this colour scheme from the 12×12 collection and the 6 1/2 inch Paper pad.


Step Two – Have fun with some Kaisermist!

Now I don’t use Kaisermists in every layout, but in this case I chose one of the lovely Gloss papers that Kaisercraft make and they respond so well with the Kaisermists.  I chose three Kaisermist colours to use; Aqua, Turquoise and Denim.  I sprayed these randomly onto the paper and then waited a few seconds before spreading over the sprayed areas with a tissue.



Step Three – Choose a Border

I decided to mat my gloss paper and photo in a matching design P2053 Shells.  This gives a coordinating border on both pages.


Step Four – Make some Strip Banners

At the moment I am quite obsessed with something horizontal on my layouts…I don’t know if you have noticed, but I tend to often use some straight horizontal lines.  For this layout I thought I would make some thin banners.  I cut my banners from P2059 Water which is the perfect paper for this and another banner from P2055 Netting.  I inked them in IP727 Lagoon ink and positioned them across the middle of the page.


Step Five – Layer your Papers

I ended up choosing another paper to add in the PS442 Woven Die Cut.  When I layer my photo and papers I alternate between mounting tape and double sided tape for the layers to create a variety of depth in the layout.  I also only place one strip down the centre of each paper not around all the sides.  I do this so I can easily add in little layers as I go or if I don’t like where I have placed the paper I can rip it off quite easily and reposition it.  I wanted the photo to be centred and straight, but I chose to angle all the other layers. (I also inked the edges with Lagoon Ink.)


Step Six – Add some Die cuts and Collectables

I chose the gorgeous new DD747 Circle Scribble Die to add to this layout.  I cut it in half and positioned the two halves on either side of the photo.  I chose a sticker from ST928 – Life and mounted it on paper and then again on a banner (to keep with the banner theme) and layered it on top of the photo.  I chose some collectables (a shell and a star fish) and layered them between the paper layers on my page.  This is where it is helpful to not stick down all the edges of your papers because you can slide little die cuts in here and there to see how they look.


Step Seven – Add some Texture

When it comes to embellishing a layout (or a card) I like to include embellishments with a range of textures.  If you have all die cuts or just all collectables it can be a bit too much paper (in my opinion).  So I like to incorporate some different surface textures for example a ribbon, a paper bloom, a wooden flourish etc.  In this photo above you can see one embellishment cluster where I added another die cut, the gorgeous new release DD757 Large Flourishes, some paper blooms, a couple more collectables (with edges inked) and some lovely shells from the FL574 Flourish pack – Sea Life.  These little wooden flourishes are a must-have for your ocean layouts and cards!


I made a second cluster of embellishments in the bottom corner of the photo where I used DD550 Decorative Die – Coral, cut from two different papers, some more collectables (a shell and the boat steering wheel) another paper bloom and some more wooden shell flourishes.  I chose shells to accentuate the shells my niece is holding in the photo, but in the pack there are all sorts of lovely flourishes including boats, star fish, fish and anchors.


Finally I added a shell and coral die cut behind the title for my page and a silver paperclip.


And that is the finished layout!  I have listed all the supplies you will need below:

Kaisercraft Products: P2059 Water | PS443 Sea Shells – Gloss | PS442 Woven – Die Cut | PP991 Paper Pad | CT850 Collectables | FL574 Flourish Pack – Sea Life | IP727 Ink – Lagoon | ST928 Clear Stickers – Life | F630 Paper Blooms – Iceberg |DD550 Decorative Die – Coral |DD747 Decorative Die – Circle Scribble | DD757 Large Flourishes | KM105 Kaisermists – Turquoise | KM106 Kaisermists – Denim | KM 116 Kaisermists – Aqua |

Tutorial Two – Journal Planner Inspiration for February

I don’t know if you are like me, but January went a little too fast for me, and before I knew it February was here!! My January birthday cards still aren’t sent out : ( and my Journal Planner was not ready to go for the month.  This month I wanted to think simply…I felt last month in my planner things were a little too busy and my eyes were struggling to find my appointments amongst all  the lovely decorations I had done ha ha! So due to less time and me craving for a more simplified approach, I have prepared a tutorial for decorating your planner using a simple approach and the gorgeous Coastal Escape Collection.  I hope you enjoy it : )


Step One – Add Glitter Tape

I love adding some glitter tape to my planner…it gives such a lovely sparkle and its so easy to apply.  Simply apply a strip to the top section of each planning page.


Step Two – Strips for the Centre

 Cut strips for the centre of your planning page.  Attach to the middle and hole punch the holes.



Step Three – Design the Opposite Page

   In keeping with my “simple” design for February I decided to cover this whole page with one paper.  Then I used the quotes from the dividers to layer onto P2055 Netting paper and attach to the page.  You could easily add some stamping or collectables to these pages as well to decorate them a little more.



Step Four – Time for Embellishments!

 I used two dies; DD368 Square Vintage Frames and DD757 Large Flourishes along with some quotes from the Collectables to layer onto a strip of paper down the side of the planning page.  I cut the die flourishes in half and taped them behind the quote.



Step Five – Glitter Mist and Stickers

 Finally I added a gentle mist of Aqua Glitter mist and a sprinkling of stickers from the CM604 Sunkissed Captured Moments Kit.  Reminding myself not to get carried away here.  I want to be able to see my appointments remember!  I wrote the dates in with the Black Glitter Kaiser Colour Gel Pen.


I went back and added a little PS442 Woven Die Cut for a bit of texture…and thats February complete! Ready for a new month now!!

Kaisercraft Products: P2052 Palms | P2053 Shells | P2055 Netting | P2056 Sea Grass | P2057 Coral | P2060 Discovery | PS442 Woven – Die Cut | PP991 Paper Pad | CM604 Sunkissed Captured Moments Kit | KM116 Kaisermists – Aqua | DD368 Decorative Die – Square Vintage Frame | DD757 Large Flourishes | PT229 Glitter Tape – Ice Blue |

Tutorial Three – Kaiser Colour Gel Pens and Colouring Books

Have you coloured with the new Kaiser Colour Gel Pens yet or bought yourself a Kaiser Colour Colouring Book? This video talks you through these new products and shows me colouring a page in the Mystic Treasures Colouring Book.  It is always confronting listening to yourself on video…but bear with me here…

Kaisercraft Products: CL101 Kaisercolour – Gel Pens 24 pk | CL510 Mystic Treasures | CL502 Free Spirit | CL515 Folk Dance | 

If you have any questions about these tutorials please fell free to ask in the comments below or on the Facebook page.  If you decide to give one of these tutorials a go I would love to see your interpretation! Please let me know so I can pop on over and see your work.

Thanks for your time today, I look forward to seeing you again next month : )

Alicia xx

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Be-YouTiful January!

January 21, 2016

Hi everyone – Sonia here for my first post for the New Year. Wow I can’t believe 2016 is here – I’m still trying to work out where 2015 went!! Hopefully this year will bring a little bit more peace and calm to the world.

To get off to a wonderful start, Kaisercraft have two amazing new Collections for January. #ME is a collection full of inspirational quotes that will get you feeling motivated for the year ahead while True Love will make getting ready for Valentine’s Day nice and easy!

# Me is a Collection to lift the heart and confidence! It’s soft blues, greens and yellows are so beautiful and the inspirational quotes will certainly get the mojo going.  I love playing with mixed media and creating backgrounds so I was so excited to see that Kaisercraft have released 10 new Mists this month – that’s right TEN new colours!!! The Olive and Apple were perfect to go with the #Me collection and mixed in with the Charcoal and Yellow from the first release of Mist colours I was in scrappy Heaven :)

‘Be-YouTiful’ journal page

Kaisercraft products used: P2034 ‘Confidence’ | P2036 ‘Belief’ | P2042 ‘Ambition’ | SS305 Sticker Sheet | CS248 Clear Stamps | ST919 Script Words clear stickers | DD738 Vintage Keys Die | DD907 Butterflies Dies and Stamps | DD127 Believe in Yourself Die | KM101 Charcoal Mist | KM103 Yellow Mist | KM117 Apple Mist | KM118 Olive Mist | T629 Lace Template | SB709 Yellow Rhinestones | EM422 Kraft Journal

This is what my journal page looked like before adding on the photo and embellishments – love all of those gorgeous mists! It’s hard to see in a photo but there are parts of the paper peeking though the mists and gesso that add wonderful movement and shades of light and dark across the page.

This year I am determined to be organised – there is going to be so much going on I need to keep myself on track. The Kaisercraft Journal Planners are a fabulous way to do just that! You can customise the planner so it looks just the way you want it to – getting organised and having some crafty fun at the same time :) One of these pages is a weekly planner and the other has space for  lists,  goals or ideas for the week along with some positive affirmations and a cute photo to keep me going.

‘Weekly Journal Planner Pages’

Kaisercraft products used: P2038 ‘Achievement’ | P2039 ‘Encourage’ | P2041 ‘Dreams’ | PP989 Paper Pad | SS305 Sticker Sheet | CT848 Collectables | CD102 Licorice Weave Cardstock | PT228 Mint Glitter Tape | ST911 Monochrome Epoxy Dots | SB793 Black Pearls | SB774 Ice Blue Rhinstones | SA053 Breeze Planner

All About Me Captured Moments Kit

As soon as I saw the ‘All About Me’ Captured Moments kit I knew I wanted to do a mini album filled with some of my favourite photos and some of the inspirational quotes. I can imagine how uplifting it will be to browse through looking  at the people I love and read the sayings that make the heart feel good. The Captured Moments Kits make a mini album a breeze as everything is cut and ready to go!

‘Life is Good’ Mini album

Kaisercraft products used: CM603 ‘All About Me’ Captured Moments Kit | SB2295 4 Window Display Album |

Other items: Paper Clips, Ribbon and Black paint

I absolutely adore the saying that’s on the back page – what a fabulous quote to remember each day!

Just remember scrapbooking is fun! The photos I’ve used in this album are not in chronological order or from one event, they are just photos that make me feel good. At the end of the day isn’t that the reason we all love to scrap?

You will love all of the gorgeous watercolour florals  with this collection! True Love is ready for your Valentine’s Day creations or any romantic or girly projects you have in mind. You have a fabulous choice of hearts, flowers and romantic quotes with this collection.

‘Love & Laughter’ layout

Kaisercraft products used: P2027 ‘My Darling’ | PS438 Wreath | PP988 Paper pad | CT847 Collectables | KM111 White Mist | KM117 Apple Mist | KM118 Olive Mist | DD907 Butterflies Die and Stamp set | ST925 Family Stickers | F641 Dusky Pink Blooms | F627 Coconut Blooms | F328 Flourish Vine |

As pretty as this collection is, it also has some elements that are perfect for the men in your life too! I made two Valentine’s Day cards using the new ‘Love You’ Cut Out Die – one feminine and one more masculine to show how versatile this collection is.

‘Love You’ feminine card

Kaisercraft products used: PP988 Paper Pad | CT847 Collectables | CD501 Square Card Pack | DD Love You Cut Out Die

‘Love You’ Masculine card

Kaisercraft products used: PP988 Paper Pad | CD102 Licorice Weave Cardstock | CT847 Collectables | DD134 Love You Cut Out Die

I hope these fabulous collections help get your scrapping off to a great start for 2016

Sonia x

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Fresh Year, Fresh January Collections with Alicia

January 4, 2016

Hello beautiful Kaisercraft Lovers…Happy new Year! Alicia here with you today to showcase the two gorgeous new January Kaisercraft Collections; “True Love” and “#Me”.  What a lovely time I have had playing with these pretty collections.  I cant wait to share some of my projects with you! I’m starting with True Love today…such a pretty, floral collection with beautiful accents of Rose Gold throughout…the perfect collection to inspire you to create some Valentine projects!

True Love

Project One –  “I Love You Frame” by Alicia McNamara

 I absolutely love these sweet little SB2114 6.5″ Frames. I find decorating these to be such a manageable project that can easily be made in a night and given as a gift, or used to decorate a little corner in your home.  I thought this would be a nice Valentines Gift, perfect to give to someone you care about…

True Love Collection Frame by Alicia McNamara

The True Love collection has lots of colour combination possibilities. For this frame I picked out the colours pink and green to focus on.  There are a few different hues of pinks which I enhanced with a selection of Paper Blooms.  The heart is cut from P2032 My Dearest Then a little collectable was added to the centre.  I cut some swirl dies in pink and the berry vine die in green, they go perfectly with this collection.  The little wood veneer butterflies are inked in pink ink and embellished with rhinestones.  They are from the new LDB1053 Lucky Dip Wooden Shapes – Butterflies collection. I painted the base of this project in white…one of my favourite colours.  I love the freshness it adds to the project.

True Love Collection Frame by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Supplies Used:

PP988 Paper Pad | CT847 Collectables | P2032 Dearest | P2031 My Precious | P2025 My Love | LDB1053 Wooden Shapes – Butterflies | KC001 Kaisercolour White | DD705 Decorative Dies Swirl Flourish | DD522 Decorative Dies Berry Vine | F662 Paper Blooms – Coral | F640 Paper Blooms – Fairy Floss | RS403 Rhinestones – Antique Rose | IP725 Ink – Petal Pink | SB2114 6.5 ” Frame

Project Two – “Project Storage Box” by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft True Love Beyond the Page Project Storage Box by Alicia McNamara

In my DT Box this quarter I received a new Beyond the Page Project called the Project Storage Box.  This product is new for the month of January so keep an eye out for it at your store of choice, where you buy your Kaisercraft products.  This is a large box that is designed to hold 12×12 layouts.  Perfect for current work-in-progress projects I think.

Kaisercraft True Love Beyond the Page Project Storage Box by Alicia McNamara

I decorated mine in the mint green papers from the True Love collection.  They coordinate beautifully with the mint green glitter tape.  I love the freshness of the green and the white together.

Kaisercraft True Love Beyond the Page Project Storage Box by Alicia McNamara

On the front of my box I used the Specialty PS438 Wreath Paper.  It worked so well to fill such a large space on the lid of the box.  I decorated with some paper blooms and some die cuts to enhance the wreath shape.

Kaisercraft True Love Beyond the Page Project Storage Box by Alicia McNamara

One of my favourite dies of this month is the gorgeous Heart Doily…a must-have for your collection as this coordinates so beautifully with the True Love Collection.  It was perfect for the middle of my wreath.  It looks so delicate and pretty in pink.


DD737 Decorative Die Heart Doily

On top of the heart Doily I added my title.  I used DD735 Decorative Die Uppercase Alphabet.  This die is the perfect solution for all your scrapbooking and card making titles.  The letters pop out very easily and you can run lots of letters through your die cutting machine at once to save time.  I layered the letters onto a banner and added some KindyGlitz over the top for a little extra sparkle.


DD735 Decorative Die Uppercase Alphabet

I now have the perfect storage solution for Layouts I am currently working on! This should help me keep my craft desk a little cleaner ; )  I am always open to creative storage solutions.  I have a few more Beyond the Page Projects in mind that will help me organise my crafting space a little better.  My craft desk currently needs a lot of work lol!  

Kaisercraft True Love Beyond the Page Project Storage Box by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Products Used:

SB2400 Project Storage Box | P2026 My Sweetheart | P2029 My Baby | PP988 Paper Pad | PS438 Wreath | P2025 My Love | P2031 My Precious | CT847 Collectables |DD705 Decorative Dies Swirl Flourish | DD522 Decorative Dies Berry Vine | F640 Paper Blooms – Fairy Floss |KC001 Kaisercolour White | DD737 Decorative Die Heart Doily | PT228 Glitter Tape – Mint | SS304 Sticker Sheet | DD735 Decorative Die Uppercase Alphabet

Other: Kindy Glitz


Project Three – Journal Pages – Month of January by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft #Me Journal Planner by Alicia McNamara

I decided to use the #Me Collection for the January Pages of my Journal Planner.  It is filled with so many inspirational quotes I thought it would be perfect for the beginning of the year.

Kaisercraft #Me Journal Planner by Alicia McNamara

If you are interested in decorating your Planner with this collection can I suggest you purchase the All About Me Captured Moments Kit.  This is filled with 3×4 and 4×6 cards, stickers and mini collectables to help you decorate your planner with ease! If you combine this kit with a packet of collectables, a 6.5 inch Paper Pad, the stamp set, the sticker sheet  and the Decorative Die Icons you are onto a winner here!  Everything coordinates beautifully and basically jumps into your planner!  Add in a few black and white photos of yourself and your family/friends/pets/holiday snaps etc to personalise your planner and make it especially to suit you.  There is even a spot for your New Years Resolutions…get those down in the front of your planner for January…and then you can refer back to them as needed.

#Me Shopping List for decorating your Journal Planner:

DD346 #me_ClearStamp CT848 PP989 SS305 CM603

DD346 DD Icons |CS248 Clear Stamps | CT848 Collectables | PP989 Paper Pad | SS305 Sticker Sheet | CM603 Captured Moments Kit

Kaisercraft #Me Journal Planner by Alicia McNamara

There is plenty of space in the Kaisercraft Journal Planner to record appointments, birthdays and inspirational quotes. It is the perfect resource to keep you organised for 2016.  The quotes in this collection are so inspiring, you will feel great each time you open your planner.  The last time I visited Kaisercraft Robina they had a few journals still available.  If you haven’t bought yours yet and you live near the Gold Coast run in and purchase yours asap…perfect for the start of a fresh, New (creatively organised) Year!

Kaisercraft #Me Journal Planner by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Products Used:

DD346 Decorative Die Icons |CS248 Clear Stamps | CT848 Collectables | PP989 Paper Pad | SS305 Sticker Sheet | CM603 All About Me Captured Moments Kit | P2037 Strength | P2034 Confidence | P2036 Belief | SS303 Sticker Sheet | DD705 Decorative Dies Swirl Flourish | PT229 Glitter Tape – Ice Blue | ST913 Epoxy Stickers – Steel | IP719 Ink – Black

Other: Black Gel Pen or Marker.

Project Four: Quick and Easy #Me Layout by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft #Me Quick and Easy Layout by Alicia McNamara

Lastly today I am leaving you with a quick and easy Layout using the #Me Collection.  The gorgeous papers did all the work for me in this Layout.  I love the Woodgrain papers Kaisercraft adds into each of their collections and this one is no exception..and in my favourite colour too! I love the monochrome plus one colour scheme in this layout…the pretty floral paper matches nicely to the little girl’s floral dress in this photo and coordinates with the iceberg paper blooms.  The heart doily looks so pretty in the lace paper and I added a little quote secured with a tape sticker from the sticker sheet.

Kaisercraft #Me Quick and Easy Layout by Alicia McNamara

I added a few little die cuts and some epoxy stars to decorate and it was all complete.  So simple…but sometimes simple is really refreshing.

Kaisercraft Products Used:

P2034 Confidence | P2037 Strength | P2038 Achievement | P2039 Encourage | PS440 Notes | SS305 Sticker Sheet | PP989 Paper Pad |DD346 Decorative Die Icons | DD737 Decorative Die Heart Doily | DD522 Decorative Die Berry Vine | ST913 Epoxy Stickers – Steel | F630 Paper Blooms – Iceburg

  Thanks for stopping by to check out my creations this month.  I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year holiday time with your family and friends.  I look forward to a wonderful and crafty 2016 with you here on the Kaisercraft Blog : )

Alicia xx

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