Easter Hunt!

Hi everyone :)

It’s Saturday! And I am sure that there are one or 2 of you out there that is doing a little happy dance on the inside (and possibly outside) like me! It has been a crazy busy week here at Kaiser HQ however I wanted to share with you these little easter baskets that are perfect for your Easter Egg Hunt on Easter morning…

We have used All That Glitters for ours but you could make then out of whichever collection was your favourite!

Egg BasketsEach basket requires one full sheet of 12×12” paper.

  1. Trim off the lower narrow edging strip, then fold sheet into thirds (each third should be 4”). Turn sheet 90 degrees, then fold into thirds again; When unfolded the fold lines should create nine equal squares . Score each corner square diagonally from the outer corner to the inner one – don’t score through the middle square.
  2. For the cube basket: Bring folds inwards to form a box. The diagonal folds should be extending into the volume of the box; tape these down securely against the sides.
  3. For the splayed basket: Punch a small hole in each corner of the sheet. Bring folds inwards as with previous cube basket; again, the diagonal folds should be extending into the volume of the basket. Thread ribbon through the punched holes, then draw up tightly and tie to secure. Leave long tails of ribbon hanging.
  4. For each cube basket cut a contrasting circle (SHINE (reverse) or TWINKLE (reverse)) with the circle punch. For each cube basket create a Scallop tag from SHINE or TWINKLE, and for each splayed basket a Basic one. Position rhinestone letter on tag and embellish with rhinestones and sparklets.
  5. For each splayed basket punch a small hole near the top of the punched circle and then thread this and the tag through one of the ribbon tails. Tie a bow to secure in place. For each cube basket adhere the punched circle to the front. Thread ribbon through the eyelets of the tag then secure at back of box, ensuring the tag is centered at front.

Some other variations we did were with the Egg Page PS395 on the tag and a chipboard alpha so there were no fights over who’s was who’s!

EggHuntBasketFor the big kids in the family, some clues to make the hunt last a little longer with a bit more to think about never goes astray!

EggHuntCluesAnd now for the best part…eating everything that you find :) Happy Hunting

Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter Cards

Hi there everyone, just hopping in and sharing some very quick and easy Easter cards. Using the wonderful paper collection “All That Glitters” and some other great products from Kaisercraft.

The backgrounds on all three cards are created with the Kaisercraft Embossing Folders. After using the embossed folders with card stock I gently rubbed an ink pad over the raised images to highlight the textures on the cards.

These are so easy and fun to create. There are only a few more days to go until the Easter Bunny arrives, so get hopping and create some Easter cards for your family and friends.    Happy Easter everyone :)

Easter cards-all that glitters-adriana bolzon

This card created with the embossing folder “EF203 Honeycomb” & Leaf die DD516 Vines

Easter card2-all that glitters-adriana bolzon

Created with EF207 Roses Embossing folder.

Easter card-all that glitters-adriana bolzon

Created with the EF202 Lattice Embossing folder.

All that glitters-easter card 3-adriana bolzon

List of the Kaisercraft products 

All that Glitters paper pack PK502, PS392 Speciality Foil – Golden Butterflies, PS398 Speciality – Polka Dot Glitter, Kaisercraft  dies -DD516 Vines, DD508 Nesting Ovals,  Kaisercraft Embossing folders EF202 Lattice, EF203 Honeycomb, EF207 Roses. Paper Blooms – F644 Coconut, F656 & F639 Fushia.

KC Easter products-all that glitters-adriana bolzon

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Time to Breathe

Well its been a hugely busy week here in the design end of the office.  Can you believe we are working on a mixture of projects that are released now right up until January 2016. Right now we are designing the November to January 2016 quarters collections but also the scrapping up projects for June 2015’s workshop along with scrapping the Beyond the Page products for Christmas this year.  You can understand why sometimes I get a little confused with what ranges are actually out at the moment.  So getting back to reality and what has just been released to you guys I have been surfing the net to see what you have been up to.

This post I would like to send a bit of love and give a call out to a few girls who support and love the brand. Here are some of the lovely layouts I have found using the collections we have released this month…

This one I found on All About Scrapping Website by Fiona Johnstone and think it sooooo cute. Being an animal lover myself  and having a dog  who loves to give kisses this layout brought a smile to my face.  Follow the link above to see the list of products she has used… and look around the site for some other awesome layouts she has done using our collections this month.


Photo Bomb – by Fiona Johnstone

Another gorgeous layout I found was by Rebecca Genet.  This is one she did for Bella Paperie, totally gorgeous shop by the way, that i have been fortunate enough to teach at last year.   If you are ever in the area, make sure you drop in…  Click here to check out her blog and other layouts she has done in this gorgeous All that Glitter Range.

P1020663 cropped

Perfect by Rebecca Genet

and lastly using the third collection that we have released – On Stage, i found this layout created by Kylie Cornish for Anna’s Craft Cupboard.  Follow this link to see another layout she has  done in this collection – which shows perfectly how this range is so versatile to showcase photos from concerts to musical performances…


Bank-Boyz by Kylie Cornish

well done and thanks girls, its been great to see what you have been up to and showing us how you have used the collections from this month.

Have a great rest of the week and enjoy the school holidays which are coming up really fast.. I know i will as we are going camping next week – yes in a tent in a non powered site so hopefully will have some pic to show you for next time.  Until then, take care





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Tuesday Tip with Linda Eggleton

Adding colour & texture to your chipboard & wooden embellishments.

 Hi everyone, Linda  here with you today to share one of my favourite techniques for adding colour & texture to my chipboard & wooden embellishments.  It is quite a long post, so get yourself comfy & perhaps grab a cuppa to have while you read :)

Whether they be die-cut chipboard pieces using any of the new KC decorative dies, or any of the gorgeous KC wooden embellishments…..I love using these techniques as they really do add some WOW to your chipboard pieces, and they end up being transformed into something quite unique!

You will need a few basic tools & mediums to accomplish some texture…


A few different sized brushes, a palette knife, a sponge if you prefer it to a brush…and of course some texture mediums – either modelling/texture paste or Impasto medium .

A bit of an explanation on the difference between modelling/texture paste & Impasto medium.

 Impasto is a great texture medium that will dry clear….so it is perfect for adding colour to it while it’s still wet & before adding it to your project – either by adding mists, a dab of paint, or whatever other colour medium you prefer to use.  As the Impasto on it’s own would dry clear, when you add your chosen colour it will dry very true to the colour you have added, and won’t have that white pastel look that you get when adding colour into modelling paste…. which dries white.
Modelling paste is what I use the most – applied with a brush.  It is quick & easy to apply….and I tend to add my colour (if needed) at the end of the process when it’s all dry.

Start by adding the modelling paste to your chipboard embellishment with a brush, by using a dabbing motion – so that you get some fabulous texture happening.  If you just simply painted it on with traditional painting strokes, you would not achieve any texture whatsoever.  So dabbing with a brush is the way to go.  If you haven’t achieved enough texture after your first coat, let it dry and then do the same again….you will be amazed at the amount of texture that will be built up!

You could also add your modelling paste using a sponge….with the same dabbing technique.  Or perhaps even your fingers….if you don’t mind getting messy :)


Here I am using a chipboard piece cut using one of the Kaisercraft Decorative Dies – Street Light


Start off with small amounts and apply with either a brush or sponge in a dabbing motion…being careful to not “pull” off what you’ve just applied as you dab.

I find it best to apply the paste in layers….so once your first layer is dry (use a heat gun for faster drying), then repeat the process until you have the desired amount of texture built up.



You want to end up with an uneven textured surface, and this is what the dabbing effect will achieve.  Keep working the texture paste until you are happy with the effect.

Now to add some more texture & colour….


For my last coat of modelling paste on this piece, while it was still wet, I dragged the prongs of a fork down through the modelling paste.  This just adds that little bit of extra texture, and it looks amazing, especially if you’re adding it to a piece such as a tree trunk, or even this street light….it makes the piece look even more real & life like.

Now for the colour….One of my favourite ways to add colour to my textured pieces, is by painting on some mists.  I find it gives a really unique look, as the mist will pool & be darker in the low points of the texture, and will be lighter on the higher points.  I simply dip a small brush straight into my bottle of mist & then start painting it on.  It usually takes a couple of coats to get the desired colour effect.  Of course, you could use any colour medium of your preference, which would still give you equally amazing results :)


And this is the end result for my street light….it is quite different to the flat piece of chipboard that it started out as, isn’t it?!

Here are some more shots using the same technique on a Kaisercraft Wooden Flourish – Berry Vine


Dabbing on the first coat of modelling paste



 And this is the effect after 3 coats



And finished off with a few coats of glimmermist for some colour


If you’re after something that’s a little different, & has even MORE texture, then adding some sand into the mix gives some amazing results!  Yep, you heard right….SAND.  Any kind of sand will do….and it’s up to you how much you want to add, depending on how much texture you want to add.  Once you’ve added the sand into your paste, just use the same dabbing technique as above.

You could also add texture into the modelling paste by stamping a variety of items into the paste while it’s still wet – things like mesh tape, hessian, bubble wrap, background texture stamps…. they will all give an amazing finished texture.

Here is a card I made using the Kaisercraft Berry Vine Wooden Flourish as shown above….and also using all 3 Kaisercraft paper collections for March – All that Glitters, Furry Friends & On Stage….










 Kaisercraft Products Used – Furry Friends Fur Baby paper P1782;  On Stage Paper Pad PP963;  All That Glitters Sticker Sheet SS275;  Wooden Flourish – Berry Vine FL376;  Cream Lace EM927;  Terracotta Paper Blooms F635;  Terracotta Mini Paper Blooms F652.

Other – Flowers; Butterfly;  Distress Ink;  Gesso;  Modelling Paste;  Mists

Kaisercraft Chipboard Sheet CB154;  Street Light Decorative Die DD513


I hope that I have inspired you & given you some ideas to have fun & get messy with some texture & your chipboard/wooden embellishments  :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my Tuesday Tip!

Linda xx

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On Stage with Linda T, Amanda & Anna

“Super star” layout by Linda T

IMG_3552 copy

IMG_3513 copy IMG_3516-1 copy

Kaisercraft products used: Paper Curtain P1765 – 6″ paper pad PP963 – Collectables CT821 – Candy tape PT218 -Stamp on stage CS207 – Ink red gum IP722 – Blooms ruby F636, coconut F627 – Mini blooms Coconut F644, Black F661 – Cardstock Licorice CD102, Maroon CD607.

Extra products: cotton – flairs – handmade flowers from Kaiser card stock.

Fabulous – Layout by Linda T

IMG_3555 copy

IMG_3503 copy IMG_3505 copy

Kaisercraft products used: Paper arts P1772 – 6″ paper pad PP963 – Collectables CT821 – Stamp tiny dot CS151, Hexagons CS160 – Polka dot tape PT211 – Wood FF430 – Clear stickers ST919 – Cardstock Scarlet CD135.

Extra products: flowers – staples – gesso – flair

Good Times – Card by Linda T

IMG_3491 copy IMG_3487 copy IMG_3489 copy

Kaisercraft products used: Paper P1772 – Collectables CT821 – Stickers SS274 – mini blooms coconut F644, Black F661 – Black card CD503 – wood flourish FL305

Extra products: flower – gold pen

“My Superstar” layout by Amanda Baldwin

2015-03-02 13.09.29

2015-03-02 13.06.33 2015-03-02 13.07.08P1769 | Encore, P1772 | Arts, CT821 | Collectables-On Stage, CS700 | Clear Stamper, CS207 | Clear Stamps-On Stage, IP719 | Black, SS274 | On Stage-Sticker Sheet, PT210|Printed Tape-Film Strip, KC009 | Kaisercolour-Red, KC031 | Kaisercolour-Black.

Other: Doily & black pen.

“The Concert” layout by Amanda Baldwin

2015-03-02 14.29.23 2015-03-02 14.30.22CD141 | Musk, P1771 | Backstage, Applause, CT821 | Collectables-On Stage,           T602 | 12×12″ Template-Damask, FL533 | Wooden Flourishes-Bows, F640 | Paper Blooms-Fairy Floss, F656 | Mini Paper Blooms-Fuschia, ST912 | Epoxy Stcikers-Candy, KC038 | Kaisercolour-Pretty Pink, SB701 | Soft Pink.

Other: Doily & texture paste.

“Dance Performance” layout by Amanda Baldwin

2015-03-03 09.02.51P1780 | Ovation, CT821 | Collectables-On Stage, F655 | Mini Paper Blooms-Cranberry, ST911 | Epoxy Stickers-Monochrome.

“Male 50th Birthday” card by Amanda Baldwin

2015-02-22 14.18.20

CD510 | Card Pack C6-Black, PP963 | Paper Pad, CT821 | Collectables-On Stage, PT210 | Printed Tape-Film Strip.

Other: Border punch

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