Rustic Harmony – With Anna, Linda E & Alison

“Ha’ Penny Bridge” Layout – By Linda Eggleton





Rustic Harmony Specialty Paper – Calm PS371, Tranquil P1648, Paper Pad PP952, Antique Bliss 3×4 Captured Moments Journal Cards CM117, Collectables CT809, Sticker Sheet SS259, Coral Paper Blooms F662, Sage Paper Blooms F632, Cream Lace EM927, Coral Alpha Stickers AS256, Latte Pearls PL505, Quarters Template T613, Bark Ink IP724, Foam Tape T303

Other:  Flower, Modelling Paste, Leaf Die, Gesso

“Sweet Love” Standing Heart – By Linda Eggleton





 BTP Standing Heart SB2216, Unity Paper P1650, Peace P1649, Euphoria P1653, Wooden Flourish – Vines FL406, Collectables CT809, Sticker Sheet SS259, Latte Pearls PL505, Coral Paper Blooms F662, Honey Paper Blooms F628, Sage Paper Blooms F632, Bark Ink Pad IP724, Foam Tape T303

Other: Modelling Paste, Flower, Muslin, Leaf Die, Mist

‘Rainbow Beach road trip’ by Alison Bevis

Rustic Harmony - Just Perfect rs

P1648 Tranquil, P1652 Amity, P1654 Delightful, P150 Unity, SS259 Sticker sheet, PP952 Paper pad, CT809 Collectables, FL305 Frames, Printed tape – Butterfly, IP702 Brown ink, FL481 Wooden flourish ‘Live’

Other – 3 velvet flowers, embossing powder

‘Forever, this girl’ by Alison Bevis

Rustic Harmony - Forever This Girl rs

 P1653 Euphoria, P1649 Peace, P1656 Inspired, P1650 Unity, P1655 Enchantment, CT809 Collectables, F4320 Forever, F662 paper blooms Coral F628 Honey, AS254 Alpha stickers Natural

Other – Organza ribbon, Mists.

‘Rustic cards’ by Alison Bevis

Rustic Harmony - Cards rs

LEFT card - PP952 Paper pad, SS259 Sticker sheet, CT809 Collectables, CD504 card pack square Brown, F645 Mini paper blooms Honey, Butterfly printed tape

RIGHT card – PP952 Paper pad, SS259 Sticker sheet, CD502 card pack square Cream, EM405 Paper Doilies, FL332 bookplates square, F645 mini paper blooms Honey

Other – brown ink, Mists

‘My Favourite Things’ by Alison Bevis

Rustic Harmony BTP- Printers Tray rs

PP953 Paper pad, P1651 Bliss, CT809 Collectables, SS259 Sticker sheet, EM99 Decorative eggs, EM997 Nests, TM816 Corked Bottles, EM998 Ribbon Timeless Brown, EM927 Lace pack Cream, TM807 Metal corners Silver, TM811 Metal Drawer Knobs Silver, F657 mini paper blooms Fairy Floss, F628 paper bloom Honey

Other – Teddy, bottle, block, pot, spools, clock, house, tree, ribbon, twine, Sugar Beads, Muslin, Box, paint.

“Our Gabrielle” – Large (12×12″) photo album by Anna Zaprzelska

Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_1Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_2Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_3Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_4Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_5Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_6Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_7Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_8Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_9Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_10Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_11Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_12Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_13Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_14Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_15Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_16Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_17Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_18Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_19Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_20Rustic Harmony Anna Zaprzelska_21PP953 Paper pad, P1651 – Tranquil, P1649 – Peace, P1650 – Unity, P1651 – Bliss, P1652 – Amity, P1653 – Euphoria, P1654 – Delightful, P1655 – Enchantment, P1656 – Inspired, PS372 – Pretty, CT809 Collectables, SS259 Sticker sheet, CM117 – Cards Antique Bliss, CD119 – Avocado, CD130 – Blush, CD135 – Scarlet,

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Tropical Punch – With Anna, Linda E, Evgenia & Alison

“Sweet Bliss” Layout – By Linda Eggleton





 Pineapple P1641, Lemonade P1640, Party P1646, Cocktail P1639, Mocktail P1647, Paper Pad PP951, Collectables CT808, Sticker Sheet SS258, White Alpha Stickers AS252, Avocado Ink Pad IP730, Sunset Paper Bloom F634, Hot Pink Paper Bloom F663, Olive Paper Bloom F633, Lattice Template T610, Split Pea Rhinestones RS407.

Other: Flair Button, Modelling Paste, Machine Stitching, Corner Punch

“Journal/Diary Cover” – By Linda Eggleton




Pineapple P1641, Refreshing P1645, Party P1646, Bubbles P1644, Paper Pad PP951, Collectables CT808, Sticker Sheet SS258, Pineapple Crush 3×4 Captured Moments Cards CM116, Coral Paper Bloom F662, Olive Paper Bloom F633, Fairy Floss Mini Paper Bloom F657, Olive Mini Paper Bloom F650, Tangello Ink Pad IP729

Other: Leaf Punch, Border Punch, Journal Book

“Happiness Card” – By Linda Eggleton



Kaisercraft White Card & Envelope CD511, Pineapple Crush Captured Moments 3×4 Journal Cards CM116, Collectables CT808, Paper Pad PP951, Coconut Paper Bloom F627, Olive Mini Paper Bloom F650, Coconut Cardstock CD101,  Island Ink Pad IP726, Island Lagoon Rhinestones RS402, Paper Blooms wire stems

Other:  Corner Punch, Leaf Punch

‘My Grandfather and I’ by Alison Bevis

Tropical Punch - Happiness rs

 P144 Bubbles, P1643 Funtimes, P1640 Lemonade, IP719 black ink, CS190 clear stamp Gingham, T615 Triangles, F627 Paper blooms Coconut, EM953 Crochet Doilie

Other – Modelling paste, Mists

‘Katelyn’ by Alison Bevis

Tropical Punch - My Sunshine rs

P1642 Sunny, P1646 Party, P1645 Refreshing, SS258 Sticker sheet, F634 Paper blooms Sunset, F663 Hot Pink, Printed tape – Yellow

‘Set of 3 cards’ by Alison Bevis

Tropical Punch - Card Set rs

 PP951 paper pad, CT808 Collectables, CD501 card pack square white, EM405 Paper Doilies

“The simple Things” layout by Anna Zaprzelska

Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_1Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_2Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_3Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_4 P1644 Bubbles, P1646 Party, P1647 Mocktail, P1639 Cocktail, P1642 Sunny, IP727 Lagoon

“Always look on the bright side of life” canvas by Anna Zaprzelska

Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_5Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_6Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_7P1646 Party, P1643 Fun Times, P1642 Sunny, P1639 Cocktail

Card by Anna Zaprzelska

Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_8Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_9Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_10 P1647 Mocktail, P1639 Cocktail, P1645 Refreshing, CD511 Card

“Hello Beautiful” card by Anna Zaprzelska

Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_11Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_12Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_13Tropical Punch Anna Zaprzelska_14P1646 Party, P1640 Lemonade, P1647 Mocktail, CD511 Card

“Hello Beautiful” card by Evgenia Petzer



 Collectables CT808,  Coconut Cardstock CD101,  Self Adhesive Pearls SB718,  Fun Times P1642, Paper Party P1646

CD Cover Case by Evgenia Petzer



Collectables CT808,  Coconut Cardstock CD101,  Self Adhesive Pearls SB718,  Lemonade P1640, Bubbles P1644

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Tuesday Tip with Amanda Baldwin

“Capture This!” with Amanda Baldwin

Hi Kaisercraft Fans!

Amanda here with you today, sharing another fabulous, fun and super easy tip for using your Kaisercraft Captured Moments Journal Cards.

Capture Cards are one of my absolute favourite Kaisercraft products – they are so versatile and can be used in almost any project! Obviously, they are terrific for pocket pages, layouts and making mini albums but here’s 3 more cute ideas to try…..

For all my samples today, I have used the Peppermint Swirl Cards from the stunning new North Pole Collection – such a fun colour palette for Christmas!!!

2014-10-19 08.50.29

1. Invitations

Start with a 4 x 6″ Card of your choice, & wrap 2 medium size doilies around the card, as shown below….

2014-10-19 08.52.01

Next, select a 3 x 4″ card to add your invitation message….

2014-10-19 08.52.44

Adhere to larger journal card, and ‘wrap up’ with doilies and ribbon…

2014-10-19 08.54.48


Super cute, super easy invitations that you can make in minutes with your Captured Moments Cards.

2. Name cards

How about trying name place cards for your guests too?

Simply hinge to 3 x 4″ Cards together using Printed Tape….

2014-10-19 08.56.15

Adhere a mini doily over the join, add a cute sticker & write on the guest’s name…

2014-10-19 08.57.55


Another super quick, next to nothing creation, that will make your guests feel that little more welcomed, and looks amazing!

3. Framed Artwork

This is one for all those children that are desperate to get their hands on all your scrapbooking supplies – and come away with something you can actually hang on the walls with pride!

Simply arrange and adhere a combination of 3 x 4″ and 4 x 6″ Cards. Add a sticker or two, and even some handwritten details…

2014-10-19 08.39.56

Mine was created by my 8yr old daughter for Christmas – she chose to include her Christmas wish list, so very cute!

This simple but stylish piece will hang near our tree this year. The best part, is when Christmas has passed she can remove it from the frame & create a new ‘masterpiece’ using another collection of Capture Moments Journal Cards.

And there you have it!

3 super simple, but oh-so-easy ideas on alternative ways to use your Journal Cards.

I really hope that with Christmas on the way you’ll give this a go!

Thankyou for visiting, be sure to post your Captured Moments creations on our Facebook page!

Kaisercraft Products Used:

CM315 | 4 x 6″ Cards-Peppermint Swirl, CM115 | 3 x 4″ Cards-Peppermint Swirl,

SS257 | North Pole-Sticker Sheet, PT211 | Printed Tape-Polka Dot Red.

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North Pole – with Anna, Linda E & Alison





Snowflakes P1632, Toboggan P1637, Paper Pad PP950, Collectables CT807, Sticker Sheet SS257, Sage Paper Blooms F632, Iceburg Paper Blooms F630, Fire Red Paper Blooms F664, White Lace EM926, White alpha Stickers AS252, Black Ink Pad IP719, Paper Bloom wire stems.

 Mesh Tape

“Kinsale Harbour” Layout - By Linda Eggleton




Toboggan P1637, Candy Cane P1634, Elves P1636, Paper Pad PP950, Collectables CT807. Sticker Sheet SS257, Coconut Paper Bloom F627, Sea Breeze Paper Bloom F631, Fire Red Paper Bloom F664, Fire Red Mini Paper Blooms F669, Red Alpha Stickers AS258, Sea Breeze Alpha Stickers AS255, Arrows Printed Tape PT212, Tiny Dots Stamp CS151, Grid Stamp CS755, Black Ink Pad IP719

Other: 2Crafty Chipboard, Fabric Buttons, Gesso, Mist

“Christmas Cards” – By Linda Eggleton



Candy Cane P1634, Skate P1638, Paper Pad PP950, Collectables CT807, Sticker Sheet SS257, Black Ink Pad IP719

Paper Doily

“Fraser” by Alison Bevis

North Pole - Fraser Island rs

 P1632 – Snowflakes, P1637 – Toboggan, P1630 – Sleigh Bells, PP950 – Paper pad, T605 – Bubbles, CD101 Coconut, CT807 – Collectables, SS257 – Sticker sheet, RS409 – Sparklets, Ebony, SB777 Rhinestones black

Other – Mist

‘Dotto Train’ by Alison Bevis

North Pole - Day Trip rs

P1635 – Icicle, P1634 Candy Cane, P1638 Skate, P1367 Snowball, P1636 Elves, PP950 Paper pad, SS257 Sticker sheet, CD126 Buttercup, FL400 – Wooden flourish, Large Cogs, FL399 Cogs, FL494 Word Flags, memories.

Other – Mist, Black crackle paint

‘Cards’ by Alison Bevis

North Pole - Xmas Cards rs

Kaisercraft products – LEFT card – PP950 Paper pad, CT807 Collectables, EM926 Lace pack white, CD501 Card pack Square White

RIGHT card – PP950 Paper pad, CT Collectables, CD510 Card pack C6 Black

Other – Ribbon

‘Eiffel Tower’ by Alison Bevis

North Pole BTP - Eiffel Tower rs

Kaisercraft products – P1633 Christmas Magic, PP950 Paper pad, CT Collectables, SS257 Sticker Sheet, F666 Paper blooms Black, F640 Fairy Floss, F627 Coconut

Other – metal ‘Eiffel tower’, Teapot charm, mist

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Rustic Harmony with Collette, Linda T and Michelle

 ”Nodd” by Collette



P1654 Delightful; P1648 Tranquill; P1652 Amity; CT809 Collectables; SS259 Sticker Sheet; SB792 Chocolate; FL337 Iron Gate; DD506 Foliage.

Other Products Used: Multi Circle Die.

“Cascade Card” by Collette


Use thin strips of accetate to suspend your elements.


 PP952 Paper Pad; CT809 Collectables; CD187 Kaiser Card Pebble; DD506 Decorative Die Foliage; PL505 Pearl Strips Latte.

Other Products Used: Acetate; Border Punch.

“Betty” by Collette

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe simple and inexpensive wooden frame comes with no glass so I like to put a film of acetate over my photo for protection. 


I love to ‘mist’ paper blooms to match my layout colours. While wet I simply sprinkled from high some fine glitter and fixed it with a fixitive spray.


After cutting out my butterflies I rolled the wings around a pencil to shape them. I then put some Kaiser foam tape under both wings but stuck the center body flat with a strong adhesive. Then a few pearls to finish!

W133 Frame Medium (no glass); KC053 Kaisercolour Paint  in Slate; F628 Paper Blooms – Honey; FL483 Wooden Flourishes Treasured Memory; FL406 Woodedn Flourishes Vines; FL510 Wooden Flourishes Intricate corners; P1653 Euphoria (two sheets).

Other Products Used: Mist; Metal Alphas; Leaves.

“Just Perfect” layout by Linda Thompson

IMG_2134 copy IMG_2136 copy IMG_2138 copy

Papers P1656, P1650, Paper pad PP952, Stickers SS259, Ink black IP719, Pearls, Graffiti stamp CS834.

Extra products, flower, die, punch, gesso, mask

“INKA” layout by Linda Thompson

IMG_2133 copy IMG_2129 copy IMG_2131 copy

Papers P1653, Paper pad PP952, 4×6 Cards CM317, 3×4 cards CM117, Blooms F666, Inks IP725, IP719, Pocket stickers CM506, Stickers SS259, Alpha stickers AS252, Stamp CS189. Pearls.

Extra products: flowers & die cuts.

“Write it on your Heart” Layout by Michelle Grant


Papers P1649, P1652, P1653, P1655, Blooms F627, Inks IP721, IP725, Stamp CS752. Tape PT214.

Extra products: cord & Brad.

“Sweet Love” Card by Michelle GrantSweet Love by Michelle Grant
 Papers P1651, Specialty PS372, Inks IP724, Collectables CT809, Stickers SS259, Bling SB700, Doiley EM948.

Extra products: Gauze.

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